Minh Du released a new book

Comedian Minh Du released a collection of poems and prose “I sat down to tell the pain in my heart”, on December 6.

According to publisher Caro Books, the work is pre-ordered for 10,000 copies on e-commerce platforms from December 5 to 6. Receiving news during the book’s launch, Minh Du said: “I was surprised because I didn’t think the work would be so well received by readers. When I wrote it, I didn’t expect the book to break even or make a profit, just wanted to explain everything. heart”. In 2019, his first book sold out 3,000 copies in the first few days.

Artist Thanh Loc (left) celebrates Minh Du’s book launch on December 6 in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: Dong Vu

Minh Du has been writing a new book for more than a year during the outbreak, from March 2020. The publication is divided into two parts: poetry and prose. Opening with a poem about Covid-19 – End of translation, let’s meet again, The book continues with a series of compositions about love: Why I, Spreading nostalgia, Waiting for someone… The poems are mainly thoughts of the author when one-sided love for a person. He poured all his affection, hoping to receive “title” in the relationship, but only received indifference. In a poem, he wrote about those who hold on to the belief that they will be rewarded in love: “There are people whose hearts are very tolerant / Extract a part of their youth to love strangers / It’s okay to receive zero in return. bargain / Open your own heart and then leisurely miss …”.

In the prose section, the author expands the topic. He writes about the era of social networks, when communication is more convenient but people’s hearts are sometimes superficial, even suspicious of each other. He mentioned the young people who make a living in the city but still keep in their hearts the memories of their hometown, where there are cool glasses of pineapple ginseng at midday in the summer. Memories of the fourth outbreak were also recorded by him. In the days of social distancing, the author realized that family was the most peaceful support for him to put aside his confusion and learn to live closer to his loved ones.

Minh Du admits that in the book, his writing style is sometimes not smooth. He chose a simple and rustic writing style to convey all his emotions through words. The time spent volunteering against the epidemic also helped him have more capital to live, to feel more deeply the impermanence and loss in life. He said: “Although I write about pain, I hope the book can heal wounds with sympathetic people.” He was given the song by musician Nguyen Van Chung Know who to call now (Recorded by Hakoota Dung Ha) as the theme song for the project.

"Know who to call now" - Nguyen Van Chung

“Know who to call at this hour” (Hakoota Dung Ha sings, composed by Nguyen Van Chung). Video: Nguyen Van Chung Official

Minh Du was born in 1995, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Literature, Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City. He is an actor of the Young World stage, known for taking exams Challenge comedians in 2015 and 2018. He participated in many web-drama of Huynh Lap, Nam Thu… This year, he attracted attention when participating in web-drama. Animal family (Vo Tan Phat starred and produced) – the project attracted millions of views, reached the top trending of Youtube.

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