Mental manipulation, identity theft: false money transfer scams worry state services

INVESTIGATION – Scammers use daring techniques to extract money from companies. The Franco-Israeli financial crime mafias are very often in the process.

The alert was issued by the FBI on the eve of last spring. In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis in the United States, the domestic intelligence service is worried about a growing phenomenon: criminal organizations are using “ deepvoice To extract money from companies. By usurping the voice of the president of a company or an employee, crooks persuade an employee to make an emergency transfer of funds. “It’s Canteloup with swindle sauce”, sums up Jean-Jacques Latour, head of expertise for the system.

In France, the financial crime services of the judicial police are active behind the scenes. Identity theft, computer hacking and mind manipulation, the fraudulent transfer order scam (FOVI) has made a comeback in 2020. The damage to companies and communities amounted to 114 million euros. last year, against 89 million in 2019, according to data from the judicial police. Latest victim to date: crooks have managed to embezzle 14.7 million euros from the Marne-based accountancy firm CDER at the start of 2021. For twenty days, cybercriminals entered the personal computer of the president of the group , sent emails to the accountant in teleworking to make transfers abroad.

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