Media too favorable to surrogacy? The CSA seized

Do the media advertise surrogacy, which is banned in France? Yes, estimates La Manif pour tous which seized the Superior council of audio-visual (CSA) Thursday, October 14th. In sight: the media tour started by journalist and host Christophe Beaugrand (TF1, LCI, RTL), on the occasion of the release of his book Daddy’s son (s) (Ed. Plon).

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The quadra tells how, with her husband, they became parents to Valentin, born by surrogate mother in the United States. On TF1, France 2 (the program “Les Maternelles”), France 5, France Inter, Christophe Beaugrand testifies to his “Fight to become a father”, ensuring that there are surrogates “Ethical” and that if the practice feeds a market, it starts above all, for surrogate mothers, from a desire “Altruistic”.

Sequences judged “Unambiguous” for the Manif pour tous, which particularly points out, in its referral, the public channel France 2. “The public service does not have to present in an angelic way a prohibited practice and constituting an offense in France”, denounces the association. Facing Christophe Beaugrand, in “La Maison des Maternelles”, “There is not the slightest contradiction”, nor even “A reminder of its ban in France and its reasons”, condemns Ludovine de La Rochère, the president of the movement: “It’s not journalism, it’s activism. “

Interview followed by decryption

In terms of information, television channels are required to comply with specific rules, via, in the case of public service, a charter established by decree. “Article 35 of the charter stipulates that public service channels are required to respect the plurality of opinions and to propose a balanced debate, in particular for questions giving rise to controversy”, decrypts Benoît Huet, lawyer at the Paris bar.

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France 2has it departed from its obligations? In fact, the interview with the facilitator was followed by a decryption, by a psychologist, of the possible consequences of surrogacy on the development of children. But it is the extract with Christophe Beaugrand which circulates on the Internet. Seized, the CSA will proceed to the viewing of the signaled sequences and judge if they contravene the rules of the audio-visual regulation. Contacted by The cross, the France Televisions channel indicates “Have no comments to make”.

An assumed “soft power”

The case does not surprise Céline Revel-Dumas, journalist and author of the book GPA, the big bluff, published by Éditions du Cerf. “The standardization of surrogacy is almost a political commitment on the part of certain journalists or channels », She notes. ” At TF1, we are committed to surrogacy, both in our internal policy and in the choice of the angle of our reports., assured last year an official of TF1, quoted in Marianne.For Céline Revel-Dumas, it is via this “Soft power” that exert newspapers, series, films, personalities, than “The trivialization of the practice is spreading in public opinion”. What Christophe Beaugrand does not hide by assuming he wants “To advance mentalities”.

However, does the case hold, legally? Is “apologizing” for surrogacy punishable? Lawyer Benoît Huet doubts it. “IIn France, there is indeed an article of the penal code which condemns any incitement to abandon a child for profit. Corn if the 1881 law on freedom of the press indicates that, despite freedom of expression, it is forbidden to incite people to commit offenses, these are listed and child abandonment is not included. “

→ IN 2020. GPA, a complaint against France Télévisions

This is not the first time that France Télévisions has been singled out. In August 2020, the collective Le CoRP (Collectif pour le respect de la personne) had filed a complaint against public television, denouncing its choice to deploy, for several years, “An editorial line favorable to the practice of surrogate motherhood”. At the time, the director of documentaries, Catherine Alvaresse, defended herself from any proselytism. “There is obviously no will of France Televisions to take sides”, she said to The cross. A year later, the complaint ” did not work out “, deplores the CoRP.


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