Mause-Bock and Grote-annoyance: Christmas whirlwind in Prussia

O you happy Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! On and next to the field there was a lot of trouble at the regional division Münster at the end of the year …

Mause-buck and grote-annoyance. Christmas vortex in Prussia!

First the sporting frustration over the unnecessary 1: 1 against Gladbach’s U23. Despite great dominance and a well-deserved lead against “little Borussia” – Nicolai Remberg (21) scored 1-0 in the 64th minute – the team of head coach Sascha Hildmann (49) did not bring home the three important home points thus the chance of 1st place.

In excess of that! Gladbach’s Jacob Italiano saw red after the emergency brake against Manuel Farrona-Pulido with the break whistle from referee Luca Marx (Brühl).

But then the bitter end. The 84th minute: Hildmann replaces Dribbel-Flea Henok Teklab, wants to bring a defensive player with a strong header in Marius Mause (from Prussia II). But he didn’t fix his socks correctly and the referee doesn’t let him onto the pitch right away. Gladbach uses the chaos, hits after a corner to equalize. The ball hits the first post after Michel Lieder’s shot. There – where Mause should have been.

Referee Luca Marx decided on the emergency brake and put Gladbach’s Jacob Italiano (left) off the field with redPhoto: Jan Fromme / firo Sportphoto

Hildmann pissed off at the Mause-Bock: “We’re playing professional football here, something like that should never happen. That will have consequences! ”Doesn’t look particularly good for the reserve’s talent …

Even more bitter, however, is what is going on around Dennis Grote (35). The captain of ore rival Essen has apparently asked the Red-Whites for his release because he wants to switch to his ex-club Prussia in winter. Sports director Peter Niemeyer (37) is known to be looking for a replacement for Dennis Daube (33 / cruciate ligament tear) in his sixth position.

Essen's captain Dennis Grote (left), here against Prussia's Joshua Holtby, would obviously like to return to the former club of Münster

Essen’s captain Dennis Grote (left), here against Prussia’s Joshua Holtby, would obviously like to return to the former club of MünsterPhoto: picture alliance / dpa / Revierfoto

But the grotesque request did not go down well with the people of Essen. On the contrary. The Ruhrpott-Klub announced in a press release that the release was refused. Sports director Jörn Nowak: “Preußen Münster never contacted us and made an official request. However, we have come to the knowledge that Dennis is considering this option, in particular because this offer should include a longer-term professional follow-up perspective for him. With all due understanding, we must make the best decisions for RWE as part of our overall responsibility. This also includes the temporary release of Dennis. “

Grote out at Rot-Weiss. But still not included in Prussia. Munster’s sports boss, Niemeyer, who has known him for years, only confirms: “Dennis and I talk more on the phone and talk to each other about future topics. But we didn’t get in touch with Essen on our own initiative. ” It’s exciting to see how this confused triangle story will develop further …

The lettering will remain on the Prussian chest until 2024, as here with Manuel Farrona-Pulido (right)

The lettering will remain on the Prussian chest until 2024, as here with Manuel Farrona-Pulido (right)Photo: Jan Fromme / firo Sportphoto

The good news at the end: The main sponsor Fiege remains loyal to the Prussians in any case, and has now extended the commitment ahead of time until 2024! Even regardless of whether the hoped-for third division promotion works or not.


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