Markus Krebs: “I used to have a stadium ban”

Markus Krebs is Germany’s best joke teller. But his heart belongs to football. More precisely: the MSV Duisburg …

At Markus Krebs, appearances are out of the question. The comedian’s tour has been postponed once more. However, the 50-year-old from Duisburg is not inactive. Krebs bought the club house of the regional league team ETuS Bissingheim and is renovating the bar according to his ideas. When the ball is allowed to roll again on the artificial turf field at some point, “Zum Hocker” should also be ready for opening.

BILD am SONNTAG: Mr. Krebs, what is your connection to the ETuS Bissingheim?

Markus Krebs: “I used to play one part of the city further down in Wedau at DJK Adler Duisburg. When the club went broke, a lot of players moved over here. That’s why I know many of my future guests. “

It is said that you tried to sign a few professionals to prevent relegation from the district league A in 2019.

Markus Krebs: “Yes, Nico Klotz and Sascha Dum (both played at MSV Duisburg, among others) are both good friends of mine, and I wanted to bring them to Bissingheim. Would have been a blast, of course. But Nico had already accepted elsewhere, and the journey was too far for Sascha. But don’t worry: I won’t be Dietmar Hopp von Bissingheim. My number one is and will be MSV Duisburg. “

When and how did you come to MSV?

Markus Krebs: “By the hand of my father in 1976/77. The first game was against Cologne. I’ve been with it ever since. “

It is said that you used to be a stadium announcer.

Markus Krebs: “And that although I used to be banned from the stadium. It’s been a good career. Back then, I only jumped in for a short time because the guy who did the job went to jail. I was then used three times. As a bridge to Michael Tönnies. I just didn’t have the time to go to every home game. “

Did you like it?

Markus Krebs: “That was very, very cool. The first time I read out the line-up I forgot our trainer Karsten Baumann and started straight away with the ratajczak: “So, in goal today. With the number … no, wait a minute, I’ll come back in. “


Markus Krebs: “Oh, no problem. My older brother was also a stadium announcer once, and he announced our Jürgen Wegmann as Uwe Wegmann. Happens. I gave that to “Tönni”, who was very nervous. Michael Tönnies really was MSV Duisburg with heart and soul. As a player and companion. It is all the sadder that people who are so attached to this club are only fobbed off. If a Bernard Dietz has to pay rent for a film that he is shooting in the stadium, then I am ashamed of the people sitting up there. “

Has football got too far from the base?

Markus Krebs: “Football clubs are companies. If you are relegated to the second division, people will be fired because you only have one fan article stores instead of four. It’s no different in business. “

But clubs are emotionally charged and mean a lot to people.

Markus Krebs: “Yes, but to be able to work professionally, you need people who have a clue. And that doesn’t always have to be bastards. How, for example, a Dietmar Hopp in Hoffenheim can be hostile, I can’t get into my pear. He builds the ice rink for Mannheim and does everything for the infrastructure. Just what kind of youth department it created … And the man is attacked? That’s ridiculous. We would be happy in Duisburg if Hopp were our patron. Many would welcome a man like Dietmar Hopp in their own club. If he does that elsewhere, he will be criticized. That is not right.”

Football has changed. The audience too?

Markus Krebs: “In the eighties there were a lot of people who weren’t even interested in football and only went there because they were looking for violence. Today there are also many more women. I have been to the stadium with my ex-wife before, even though she knew that I would also be with bullies. “

You already mentioned your stadium ban …

Markus Krebs: “… which, by the way, was unjustified. I was written down twice for attending events. The one time during the European Championship in 1988. I was at an event of a Gelsenkirchen hooligan fan club that was celebrating its 20th anniversary. The names were written down and I was banned from the stadium for four years for participating in a hooligan-like event. “

And the second time?

Markus Krebs: “It was about unauthorized walking across a meadow, there is no other way to call it. Because there was nothing. Nothing happened there. My name was written down and I was banned from the stadium for three years. On suspicion. But I went against it and was allowed to go back in because I hadn’t received a complaint. But that was all more than 25 years ago. Today I am happy that I can watch football in peace. It has become much safer than it used to be. “

They are now sitting in their own box …

Markus Krebs: “… which is only because I want to see the MSV play. If I stand in the curve, I take 90 minutes of photos. “

How high have you ever played yourself?

Markus Krebs: “In the regional league, but I also trained at FC Remscheid when I was in the second division. The first training session was without a ball and I left straight away. Dietmar Schacht was the trainer at the time. “

They later also stood on the sidelines.

Markus Krebs: “I was an A youth coach, yes. Two years with DJK Adler Duisburg, one year with Tura 88. “

Which team would you like to train today?

Markus Krebs: “I think I could train any team in the world. I’m on the ball with Peter Neururer. No, I would be modestly satisfied with the 3rd division. I believe that I would have the knowledge and expertise. “


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