Market cap of Indian stock markets crosses $ 2.7 trillion, becomes world’s seventh largest market

The recent forced boom in the Indian stock market has increased its stature significantly. This boom has raised its ranking in the world’s stock markets by three ranks. India’s stock market has become the world’s seventh largest stock market by market value. Indian shares rose 6.9 per cent on increased domestic investment. This increased the market capitalization of Indian stock markets to cross $ 2.7 trillion. The Indian stock market has surpassed the market valuation of Saudi Arabia, Canada and Germany’s share in market valuation. Because of this, it became the seventh largest stock market in the world.

Europe’s only two of the world’s two largest stock markets

In this ranking, the French stock market is at the sixth position. The Indian stock market has crossed the Canadian stock market valuation for the first time since the last 11 months. The market valuation of Germany’s stock market, the largest economy in Europe, has been $ 2.53 trillion. The world’s seven major stock markets comprise two of Europe’s stock markets. The stock markets of France and Britain are among the two major stock markets of Europe.

Large investment of FPIs in Indian markets

The MSCI India index has risen 21 per cent during the last three months. The MSCI Emerging Market Index has gone up by 19 percent and the MSCI World Index by 12 percent. Since January 1, FPI has invested about $ 4.05 billion in Indian stock markets. In the emerging market, only Brazil’s stock market invested more than $ 4.5 billion in India. Actually, FPI’s investment in the emerging market has increased due to being cheaper. The signs of a sharp improvement in India’s economy in the emerging market has led to the trend of FPI towards India.

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