March for life: anti-abortion activists seeking political representation

Political orphans? Under the barnum placed in a square in the south of Paris, the leaders of the March for Life, an anti-abortion movement, discuss in front of a banner “Presidential 2022, I VOTE for life”. But which candidate to embody their ideas? “Zemmour? He has good people around him, but he considers abortion to be a fundamental right, blows a frame of movement. Marine Le Pen ? She announces that she is going to make proposals on the family, but we do not see the color. »

→ PORTRAIT. Aliette Espieux, March for Life enthusiast

Three months before the presidential election, more than 5,000 pro-life demonstrators marched on Sunday January 16 – for the fifteenth time – against a “trivialization” voluntary interruptions of pregnancy (IVG). A way of designating the increase in the rate of abortion over the past thirty years: 15.4 abortions per 1,000 women in 2020, compared to 14 in 1990, according to the Department of Research, Studies, Evaluation and statistics (Drees).

“We are not represented”

In the procession, many young people, like Eleanor. At 19, she will vote for the president for the first time. “A good president must defend the weakest”, she warns, the volunteers’ yellow raincoat on her back. It expects a candidate to “defend life” and would like to come back to a large part of the measures of the last sixty years: “First there was contraception, then abortion, PMA… Soon, it will be surrogacy? »

“Today, we are not represented”, notes Serge, like several other activists interviewed. The subject is however a decisive criterion in the vote of this entrepreneur, who came from Malaucène, at the foot of Mont Ventoux (Vaucluse). His choice is not made. “What is certain is that I will not vote for someone who says that abortion is good. » Claire, an IT executive, will refer to the positions of the conservative Jean-Frédéric Poisson (president of Via), even if he has withdrawn from the presidential race and supports Éric Zemmour.

→ GRANDSTAND. March for Life: “Fighting for the right to be born is not enough”

At the end of the rally, Femen activists infiltrated, chanting “ABORTION IS SACRED”. The March for Life, which claims 20,000 demonstrators this year, indicates that it has no partisan preferences and addresses its proposals to the candidates. In particular, it requires a diagnosis “to better understand the causes and consequences” of abortion. And intends to weigh in the shorter term on the examination of the bill aimed at strengthening the right to abortion, in particular by extending the period of access to abortion from twelve to fourteen weeks of pregnancy. The Senate must examine the text in second reading Wednesday, January 19.


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