Manufacturers include a high cost of CO² in their projects

Several European groups must already, or will soon have to, buy CO2 quotas in order to be able to produce. Decarbonizing their activity is becoming a necessity.

European manufacturers have taken on board the need to reduce the carbon footprint of their activities. However, the current surge in the price of CO2 can handicap them, especially due to the “Very strong link between the price of the carbon allowance and that of the wholesale electricity market”, according to Nicolas de Warren, president of Uniden, the association which brings together most of the French electro-intensive industrialists (read opposite). “It is not the rise in prices that poses a problem for us, but their extreme volatility”, explains the leader. And to point out the doubling of the price of a ton of CO2 since the beginning of the year. Or its fall, from 56 to 49 euros in a few hours on Thursday, May 20. “Decarbonizing doesn’t happen by snapping your fingers. We need visibility, which is not currently the case ”, still deplores Nicolas de Warren.

On the other hand, he does not dispute either the desire to decarbonize industry, or the quota system. Even if it comes at a cost for some members of

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