Mankind Pharma strengthened the war against Corona, donated Rs 270 crore in two years

New Delhi: Due to the Corona epidemic, the last two years have been like a holocaust on the whole world including India. In these two years people saw the biggest crisis in human history. Due to the havoc of Corona, how many people said goodbye to this world prematurely at a very young age. In this hour of crisis, when there was an outcry all around, there were some people who were serving and treating people without any selfishness. These were our front line warriors, who fought against Corona without caring for their lives.

Mankind donated Rs 130 crore during the first wave of corona

Hands did not stop even in the second wave, 140 crores given for help

Understanding this need, Mankind Pharma gave 40 crores for oxygen cylinders and concentrators

gave Rs. When beds were not available in hospitals for corona patients in Delhi-NCR, Mankind Pharma set up a bed facility in Gurugram. Talking about the most affected state of the country from Corona, it is Maharashtra. Where the first and second waves broke as havoc. Mankind Pharma has deposited one crore rupees in the state government fund to help Maharashtra in this hour of crisis.

Anthem launched for Corona Warriors


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