Manchester United: Ronaldo captain Harry Maguire receives bomb threat

Shock for United captain Harry Maguire (29)!

The Briton received a serious bomb threat on Wednesday. The police then searched his villa with sniffer dogs. The Sun reports on this.

The centre-back received an email warning that a bomb would be planted in his home. A spokesman for Maguire said: “In the last 24 hours, Harry has received a serious threat against his family home. He reported this to the police, who are now investigating the matter. The safety of his family and those around him is of course a top priority for Harry.”

It is not known why Maguire received the threat. In terms of sport, things are not going well for the 1.94m man at the moment. Throughout the season, he’s always looked bad when conceding goals. He also threatens to miss the minimum goal of qualifying for the Champions League with Manchester United and interim coach Ralf Rangnick (63).

They are three points behind fourth-placed Tottenham. In addition, Man United has already played a game more than Spurs. With 48 goals against, Maguire and Co. are by far the worst defense of the top 8 in the league. The 42-time national player is therefore heavily criticized by the fans. England fans also showed their displeasure with Maguire when they booed him in the Côte d’Ivoire game on 29 March.

The bomb threat against Maguire shows that some people, despite all the justified criticism, go far too far. He and his family are said to be very shocked by the matter.

Hopefully it’s just a threat so Maguire can focus on football again soon. United play Arsenal at 1.30pm on Saturday, who are also still in contention for Champions League qualifiers.

A win could give Maguire, Cristiano Ronaldo and Co. new hope.

Photo: BILD, AFP/Getty Images


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