Mainz-Stars Kunde & Fernandes: Formerly tribe, now “real hardship”!

The Mainz successful series of the last few weeks also has its shadow sides!

Coach Bo Svensson (41) sees his team as “real cases of hardship”.

He means customer Malong (25) and Edimilson Fernandes (25).

The defensive midfield players are left out in the 05 success. Previously a regular, the Swiss Fernandes played under Svensson at the 0-2 in Stuttgart 62 minutes, the Cameroon Malong not yet.

“The customer was injured (knee surgery; Ed.) When I came, Edi first had Corona, then Stuttgart wasn’t a good game for him either,” explains Svensson, why he then “bet on others”.

However, he has nothing to reproach either of them: “You do it well, keep up with the training, the mentality is right.”

Nevertheless, the Dane says, at least indirectly, that they will have to wait longer for a new chance if 05 continues to be successful: “The coach has to find a certain core of the team. We played successfully. It’s hard to get into a team when the energy is right and things are going well. “


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