Mainz star Widmer – That’s why the Euro hurts so much!

The Mainz away dwarfs try it again. Today in Wolfsburg threatens the 12th bankruptcy on a foreign place.

At home they are a force, nothing is going well with the opponent. And that’s why, after staying up in the league, it’s all about honor instead of Europe.

Silvan Widmer (29) expresses in BILD what many people from Mainz think.

The Swiss: “On the one hand, we played well and scored a lot of points. On the other side we left a lot, which hurts. Because you can see that with a few more points, something might have been possible for the international places.”

How does he explain the dramatic away weakness?

Dedicated: “We have to look for the mistakes in ourselves. It certainly has something to do with mentality. With the help of the fans, we manage to overturn tight games at home, but we haven’t been able to do that very well away from home this season.”

His analysis: “The solution is that everyone becomes a leader. There are moments when a player struggles, but there are ten others on the pitch. Three or four leading players are not enough, everyone is needed. If we implement that, it will be easier and we will no longer make it easy for the opponent to score goals.”

After all, he has an international tournament coming up soon. Widmer is with Switzerland at the World Cup in Qatar.

He says: “It’s still a long way off. But when I have time to dream at home, then of course the World Cup plays a role. I’m in a good position in the national team at the moment. For a long time I was only a supplementary player. Now I’m enjoying it and I hope it continues like this.”

Can Mainz learn from the success of the Confederates in recent years?

Widmer: “I see certain parallels there. We also know in Mainz that we can’t keep up with the top 3, but we have to be aware that we have the quality to beat any opponent.”


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