Mainz attacker Leandro Barreiro: Ronaldo duel with great feelings!

Winning goal in 3-2 against Leipzig, winning goal now to 3-2 in Cologne: “It was worth it to do goal shots training with him,” says Bo Svensson (41) about Leandro Barreiro (21).

The Mainz coach and his midfield talent have a very special relationship.

Because Svensson personally discovered the 1.74 m small Luxembourger!

“We played with the U17 national team against the U16 from Mainz,” says Barreiro. “Then our trainer told me that Bo Svensson was interested in me and was invited to a trial training session.”

With a laugh he adds: “To be honest, I didn’t think I was that good at this game!”

Barreiro is now a national player, losing just 3-1 to Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo in the World Cup qualifying – his role model. He says: “An indescribable feeling! After the game he wasn’t in a good mood because we had given him problems for a long time. “

At 05, Svensson Barreiro was already training in the U19: “He knows my strengths and lets me play a little more offensively when I’m eighth. This gives me more chances and it is no coincidence that I scored my first two goals under him. “

And now he wants to continue: “It’s not my primary task and I don’t put any pressure on myself, but I want to score goals – and I hope that the next ones will lead to victories again.”


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