Mainz 05: Without a coach in Fürth: This is how the Svensson lock works

Mainz 05 without Bo(ss)!

Bo Svensson (42) was the first Bundesliga coach to receive a yellow card suspension in Fürth on Saturday. His assistant and buddy Babak Keyhanfar (36) sits on the bench for him.

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But it is noticeable that the penalty is much milder than for 05 predecessor Sandro Schwarz (43), who was suspended in Paderborn on October 5, 2019 because of yellow-red.

Back then, Schwarz was not allowed to have any contact with the players from an hour before kick-off, sat in the team bus the whole game while assistant coach Lichte won 2-1.

For Svensson, on the other hand, the grandstand, preliminary and debriefing – everything is allowed. He can even go into the dressing room at half-time.

The reason is a special feature of the DFL rules. In the event of a yellow card suspension for officials, there is only an indoor ban according to the rules of the game.

In the case of yellow-red and red, a passage (§ 33, point 4) of the DFB training regulations also applies. A contact ban is imposed on the coach for the entire game.

How does Svensson use his unexpected freedoms?

The Dane: “I don’t know exactly where I’m going to watch the game yet. I’m not allowed to actively coach the team. That’s what Babak and the other guys do. We have to see what the possibilities are in Fürth and then clarify everything.”

Svensson has no doubts that his friend, who has been assisting him since NLZ times, will master the job: “I have confidence. He will find the right answers. I think the guys are ready to walk through fire for him.”

In front of the TV with Johannes: Heidel is still in quarantine

Fürth comes too early for Christian Heidel (58)!

The 05 sports director has to watch the game in the living room again.

After a corona infection, Heidel is not allowed to leave the quarantine before Monday.

In his apartment on the banks of the Rhine in Mainz, he already experienced the cup failure in Bochum. At his side: A large plush version of 05 mascot Johannes. But that didn’t bring any luck… After the poor performance at VfL, is Heidel at least more on the phone to get another striker?

The 05 boss to BILD: “The loss of the cup doesn’t change anything about our approach. We keep our eyes open and decide when there is something to decide.”


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