Macron promises 5,000 more local sports facilities by 2024

One hundred million euros will be allocated to this plan in 2022, the rest in 2023 and 2024 for new equipment “Lighter”, “Smaller”, and “Close to home or place of work”.

A plan to build 5,000 small local sports facilities for an amount of 200 million euros will be launched by 2024 to facilitate in particular new sports practices such as skateboarding or 3×3 basketball, the Élysée announced on Wednesday 13th. October.

The principle of this plan was outlined in mid-September during the reception of the Tokyo Games medalists at the Elysee Palace. It will be detailed by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron who goes Thursday to Seine-Saint-Denis, in particular to Tremblay-en-France or to the site of the Olympic village. One hundred million euros will be allocated to this plan in 2022, the rest in 2023 and 2024. There are “A certain number of cities which need equipment in the face of demand” and “a lack of sports equipment in certain territories”, underlined the Elysee.

This new equipment will be “Lighter”, “Smaller”, and “Close to home or place of work”. 1,000 “citystades” (multisports ground), 1,000 dojos and combat sports halls, 500 3×3 basketball courts, 500 paddle tennis courts, 500 skate parks, 200 mobile sports sites such as pools, and even equipment are thus planned. “Innovative” using digital. It is also a question of supporting new sports practices such as 3×3 basketball or even skateboarding which has become an Olympic discipline, and “Inheritance” of the Paris 2024 Olympics. Some equipment will be “Requalifications” existing spaces, such as “The ground floors of social buildings”.

“Shorter and less complex” financing procedures

This equipment will be financed “According to shorter and less complex procedures” than usually, via the National Sports Agency (ANS), the armed wing of the Ministry of Sports, at the national level and its regional representations. The state’s participation rate will be 50%, a rate that can be increased to 80%, or 100% overseas, said the Elysee. The management of this equipment could be entrusted to communities, federations, commercial players via public service delegations. Fifty million euros will also be devoted to thermal renovation.

Asked about the sports pass, an aid of 50 euros for the licensing of young people, of which 20 million euros were consumed out of the 100 planned according to what sources reported to AFP, the Elysee has guaranteed that “The unused portion of the sports pass would go to the sports sector”. Hearing by the Senate on Wednesday, the director general of the ANS, Frédéric Sanaur specified that the ANS had co-financed 831 equipment in 2021 against 250 in 2020.


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