Macron facing the restaurateurs this Tuesday before the reopening of the rooms

After the Lot last week, the president is in Drôme for the second stage of his “Tour de France”.

Emmanuel Macron arrived shortly before noon this Tuesday in the Drôme for a day devoted to catering and gastronomy, on the eve of the reopening of the dining rooms, which are struggling to find labor. “The key is that we can immediately restart training and do even better than before the crisis»He declared during a meeting in a hotel school in Tain l’Hermitage, comments reported by France Bleu.

This phase must be a phase of massive rehiring. There are around 110,000 job offers to be filled in the Hotel-Restaurant sector.», Recalled the President of the Republic during a conference of the press conference which followed. “For four years we have invested more than 15 billion euros in training to allow retraining in the trades, also recalled Emmanuel Macron. Today, one in six job seekers receives training, it was less than one in ten in 2016.

Act II of the presidential “tour de France”

This trip is the second stage, after that in the Lot last week, of the “tour de France“Launched by the president for”support the relaunch“After the Covid-19 crisis and”take the pulse of the country», According to the Élysée. Opponents denounced it as “a campaign entry”In the run-up to the regional meetings of June 20 and 27 and less than a year from the presidential election. While the President of the Republic waved to the crowd at Tain l’Hermitage, an individual present in the crowd slapped him.

After the hotel school, Emmanuel Macron is expected in a restaurant in Valence. The move aims to “discuss with restaurateurs, distributors and producers on the challenges they face on the eve of the reopening of the rooms“, After that of the terraces, after seven months of closure, explained the Elysee. “One of the major issues is the strain on the workforceTo hire cooks or servers, depending on the presidency.

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“A Mecca of gastronomy”

Professionals in the sector, who will have to respect a 50% gauge for tables of up to six people in the dining room, are also worried about the scheduled end of state aid while they lack visibility, in particular on the return. foreign tourists.

Emmanuel Macron will be accompanied by the former head of the Élysée, Guillaume Gomez, who in February became his “personal representative” serving “French gastronomy“. With the mission of launching this summer “the year of gastronomy“,”symbol of French excellence“.

The Drôme was chosen for this visit because this department “is a high place of gastronomy in the Rhône valley“,”is at the forefront of training, particularly in oenology“, and is “the second in France for organic farming», According to the presidency. Valence is particularly famous for the restaurant La Maison Pic, by the three-star chef Anne-Sophie Pic.

Emmanuel Macron will end his trip with a visit to the Institute for Vocations for Employment (Live), created by the LVMH group for young adults aged 25 to 30 with no training, no diploma or job, and supported by his wife Brigitte, who will be present. The latter gave a general culture course there in April after the opening of this second Live branch after the one inaugurated in Seine-Saint-Denis in 2019.

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