Ly Tu That: ‘What I have the most is courage’

ChinaBeauty Ly Tu That said she is not afraid of failure, old-fashioned and what she has the most is courage.

Follow Sohu On October 27, Ly Tu That filed a lawsuit against Weinian – her management company. The lawsuit related to shares and ownership rights of the Ly Tu That brand. Above CCTV, she said over the years “plugged in nose” as content, not too concerned about what other people do with the brand she came up with.

Tu That said: “I want to protect the three words Ly Tu That. I don’t need how high commercial value it is, because commercial value is really a double-edged sword. I just want to protect this name. “.

31-year-old Ly Tu That is a Chinese-language content creator with the most followers on the internet Youtube. Photo: Weibo/Li Ziqi

Ly Tu That mentioned the story when she started making content, she wrote on Weibo: “No matter what the result, I will try. If I fail, at least I have no regrets”. Tu That said what she never lacked was courage. However, she is not a gambler with life. Before doing anything, Ly Tu That thought and prepared carefully.

Now her goal is to continue to produce videos about country life and support people in the countryside to have a better life. Some people are concerned that Ly Tu That is only famous for a period of time, thanks to the development of short videos and the trend of “leaving the city to go home”. Others think that Ly Tu That will fade because many people now make videos about life in the countryside. She is not concerned about these things.

“I live in the countryside and find inspiration from all the daily activities such as eating, sleeping, wearing, walking. Year after year, I am more mature, my way of thinking and seeing things is different. , the way to build content is also different,” said Tu That.

Ly Tu That works in the fields

Ly Tu That worked in the fields. She stopped updating videos in July because of a dispute with the management company. Video: Weibo/Li Ziqi

Ly Tu That supports the fact that many people create content about the countryside. According to her, “spring should not have only one flower, a hundred flowers blooming is spring”. Currently, despite facing troubles, she feels fortunate to be loved by many people and recognized for her efforts.

Follow MetroExpress, Ly Tu That is in a dispute with the Weinian company, in danger of not being able to operate under the name Ly Tu That. Weinian’s boss is Luu Dong Minh – who discovered Ly Tu That, helping her promote country videos. After she became famous, the two sides cooperated to launch Ly Tu That branded agricultural products. Up to now, she is in conflict with Luu Dong Minh and wants to “go out”. But she encountered many difficulties because of the brand owned by Weinian. She is also not a shareholder in Weinian, which is valued at more than 5 billion yuan ($773 million). The trademark lawsuit of Ly Tu That received great attention from the business world and the audience.

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