‘Ly Tu That male version’ causes fever

China“Classmate Truong” became a social network phenomenon when making videos of rural life, likened to “Ly Tu That male version”.

Follow China Youth Daily, the number of people following Truong’s account above Douyin (Tiktok Chinese domestic version) has increased rapidly since the end of November, currently reaching more than 12.3 million fans. He became a phenomenon in the content creation village even though he has only been active for two months. Each of his recent videos has attracted hundreds of thousands of comments.

Truong’s classmate cooks and cleans the house. Video: Douyin/Zhang Tongxue

Different from the elaborate, beautiful and poetic in other country videos, the scene in Schoolmate Truong’s products is simple, somewhat sloppy and sloppy. His filming scene is a cramped concrete house, old and dirty furniture. The video content is usually classmate Truong chopping vegetables, mixing bran for chickens, picking eggs, cooking, raking snow around the house…

Classmate Truong’s actions are decisive and quick, showing his straightforward personality and lack of skill. For example, he cooks through the speakers, the dishes and chopsticks are thrown into the bucket, the furniture is not in the right place…

Many viewers are interested in the honesty and simplicity in the videos of Classmate Truong, showing himself through his actions. Fans wrote: “This is my childhood in the countryside”, “Your video is not fancy, not fussy but has its own beauty”, “The scene where the snow melts into water falling from the roof is too filmed. pretty”…

However, a part of the audience thinks that the modern Chinese countryside is developed, comfortable, sketchy, lacking in the videos of Schoolmate Truong causing “misunderstanding” about life in the village.

Truong's classmate caused a fever

Classmate Zhang shows rural life in Liaoning province. Video: Douyin/Zhang Tongxue

Sheet China Youth Daily think that Ly Tu That shows the rural life as everyone’s dreams, towards romance and flight, while Schoolmate Truong paints a realistic country life, mixed with rough features. Associate professor of the Department of Sociology at Hoa Trung University of Science and Technology said that the feverish classmate Truong reflected the nostalgic mentality of the audience, hitting the psychology of the 8x and 9x classes. He said: “The pressure makes young people want to forget the present by imagining life in short videos. Moreover, the products of Schoolmate Truong are close, easy to create empathy with viewers.”

Follow Beijingnews, classmate Zhang 36 years old, lives in Liaoning province, has a family. He said he started filming and cutting videos in 2020, initially working for others. But these people stopped making videos after that, so he filmed himself. The content of the short film of Classmate Truong is inspired by the single guys living around him.

The house that appears in the videos is not a family residence, but just a prop for him to make content. Schoolmate Truong said that since becoming famous, he was under a lot of pressure because of doubts and questions such as “Who is behind you?”, “Do you make videos yourself?”… Currently, classmate Truong has not livestreamed for sale. products, have not advertised in their videos.

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