Ly Tu That frolic with relatives

“Sichuan Fairy Girl” Ly Tu That showed off the moment of dinner and play with his brothers and sisters under the moon.

On 10/10, Ly Tu That posted a video and noted: “Spring sowing, summer grows, harvest autumn and storage winter. It is cold in the autumn. After the harvest, we stockpile. corn, rice, squash, peanuts waiting for winter to come. Mid-Autumn Festival, my cousin and I joined the festival with me and my grandmother.

Tu That harvests agricultural products, uses brown rice to brew wine, and processes a series of dishes to welcome them from afar. The whole family enjoyed dinner and played in the moonlight.

Death was gathered with family. Video: Weibo.

The video currently has nearly 20 million views, over 263 thousand likes and 35 thousand comments. Most of the audience said they felt the taste of time, the warm atmosphere of the reunion day through the video of Tu That. Audience A Ling wrote: “Many places are getting cold, but a blink of an eye has passed. It has been a long time since Tu That family had so many people. It is true that Mid-Autumn Festival is reunited.” Yao Jialu commented: “Seeing the whole family gathering together on a tray of rice, playing a game, I wish we could go back to our childhood and welcome the family’s Mid-Autumn Festival”.

The moment of Death (pink shirt) having fun with the family.  Photo: Weibo.

The moment of Death (pink shirt) playing the game with loved ones. Image: Weibo.

Ly Tu That 30 years old, orphan. Once a DJ in the city, she returned to her hometown to live after she was sick. She has been posting videos on online platforms since 2016. The videos of Death have been viral thanks to little use of language. All messages are conveyed by her through images, the sound of nature, the sound of water, the sound of tools impacting while she works.

Follow Dianshangbao, her annual income exceeds 50 million yuan (seven million dollars). Currently, she does charity work to help disadvantaged children like herself: “My life is illuminated by others. I believe, those babies, if they are able, will also light up other lives.” In 2019, Death was in the top most influential figure in China, in the category “Culture promoters”.

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