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ChinaLy Tu That picks flowers around her area to distill it into a skin toner every night.

Famous for her Vlogs about traditional and modern Chinese cuisine, Ly Tu That also occasionally posts videos around beauty. She said that she likes handmade cosmetics because of its natural and safe ingredients, although it is not durable and has a short shelf life.

Tu That made cosmetics according to the recipe of the beautiful ladies of the past. In the videos posted in 2019 and 2020, the female Vlogger shows how to distill water from flowers such as roses, Tan di, dahlias, mints… she picks up in the mountains and in her garden. Distilled water has a pleasant aroma, she keeps it in the refrigerator, makes a toner to apply after washing her face or applying a skin mask. Each batch, the beauty packed into many bottles as gifts for friends.

Ly Tu That makes toners, masks from distilled water of flowers in the video posted in 2019. Video: Weibo/Liziqi.

Her lipstick, powder, blush, eyebrow powder… are all taken from natural ingredients such as cornstarch, coffee powder, bamboo charcoal, beeswax or rose petals. The 31-year-old beauty is suitable for a gentle makeup style, preferring cosmetics made by herself. When participating in big events, she just applied mascara to her eyes with depth, covered with a thin layer of cushion. She is loyal to her natural long black hair, often braiding her hair on both sides or neatly combing it down like the old maidens.

Ly Tu That lived in the countryside in Sichuan, where the climate is cool, fresh air and surrounded by trees. In her meals, she cooks many dishes from organic vegetables, rich in nutrients, giving her naturally smooth skin and helping her look younger than her age. However, many times, the beauty returned to her tanned skin due to farming all day. She once said: “Recently I’m so black, I tried to edit photos with technology and add vitamin C, eat a lot of vegetables in the hope of getting brighter. When attending the event, I applied a few layers of powder but it didn’t have much effect. “.

Ly Tu That maintains smooth skin at the age of 31. Photo: Weibo/Liziqi

Ly Tu That maintains smooth skin at the age of 31. Photo: Weibo/Liziqi

Ly Tu That orphaned parents, now lives with her grandmother and pets. Previously, she worked as a DJ in the city. After she was sick once, Tu That decided to go back to her hometown to live with her, do farm work and raise livestock. She and her team made a cooking video, promoting the image of her hometown in Sichuan, China. Tu That comes up with ideas for each product.

Her videos have a clear sound with singing birds, flowing water and four seasons in the countryside. Tu That also promotes traditional culture and cuisine, encourages a lifestyle close to nature, and limits the use of plastic. She was praised by the Central Youth Union of this country for conveying positive content and showing love for life.

Follow Sina, with more than 16 million fans on Weibo With three billion views on video platforms in 2018, Ly Tu That was dubbed the “First Chinese vlogger”, “Country fairy”. Page Chinadigitaltimes called Li Ziqi the most popular Chinese girl in 2019, the number of followers is equivalent to A-list stars. In 2020, she became the first Chinese-language content creator to have 10 million followers on the internet. Youtube. Her fanbase worldwide exceeds 100 million.

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