Ly Nhuoc Dong posted a swimsuit photo

Hong Kong actor Li Ruoong revealed his youth swimsuit photo for the first time.

The 55-year-old beauty posted a photo on her personal page on January 31, saying she found the picture last year, when she was looking through old documents to include in the autobiography. “You’ve certainly never seen this picture,” she wrote.

Li Ruudong in Thailand. Image: Weibo / Liruotong.

Photo taken while Nhuong Dong in Thailand was filming a movie The city of love (1992) directed by Tu Khac. Her boyfriend came to Thailand with her, the two of them combined to relax together. Because of going with her lover, Nhuoc Dong dropped some movie promotion sessions with the cast members such as Truong Hoc Huu, Le Minh, Ly Gia Han. “Now that I remember, I was really blind to love,” the actress wrote.

Under the photo, many viewers praised Nhuong Dong’s youthful beauty, others encouraged her: “There is nothing to regret, there is no past like this, there is no sister today”, “My sister, stupid, love you “,” When we are young, we have the right to love instinctively, that’s not a mistake. Having experience can only grow. “…

Nhu Dong wears through to attend the event on January 23.  Photo: Weibo / Liruotong.

Nhu Dong wore a skirt that penetrated the event on January 23. Image: Weibo / Liruotong.

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Ly Nhuoc Dong - when women are 'reborn' in their fifties

Ly Nhuoc Dong shows off his choreography. Video: Douyin.

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