Ly Nha Ky: ‘I’m relieved when the movie hits theaters after four years’

Ho Chi Minh CityLy Nha Ky cried when “The Third” premiered on the evening of May 12, after four years of difficult production.

She said that she rarely sheds tears in front of others, often keeps everything to herself or needs to cry alone. However, after watching the movie On the premiere day with hundreds of guests, Ly Nha Ky couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Ly Nha Ky talked about the movie “The Third One” after its premiere on the evening of May 12. Image: Hoang Duc Tan

The actor said: “Before the premiere, I was under a lot of pressure. The day I introduced the project a few weeks ago, I fell on the podium, broke all the words of the film created by the design. Today, the film is released. I met a heavy rain again Seeing everyone come in large numbers, sending words of encouragement, I was touched. Now I am no longer afraid of loss with the capital of 33 billion VND spent. The love I received in return is greater than the amount of money. it many times”.

Ly Nha Ky (blue dress) shared at the film premiere, on the evening of May 12 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Ly Nha Ky (blue dress) with the film crew at the premiere on the evening of May 12, in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Phuc Tran

Over the past week, Ly Nha Ky has been stressed because of her busy schedule to prepare for the movie premiere event, try on clothes for Cannes 2022. Now she is relieved because after nearly four years, facing many challenges, finally The film also reached the audience, keeping the promise to the Vietnamese and Korean crews.

Taking on the role of a film producer for the first time, Ly Nha Ky realized that not having money would solve her problems. She and her crew had to cut and edit 80 times, and it took five dubs to get the final version to show. The actor was helped by director Ham Tran in this process.

Third person marks the return of Ly Nha Ky after 10 years of absence from the screen. She said she welcomes all criticisms and comments from the audience. The beauty once admitted to her weakness in pronunciation, her voice was livid, her birth was low, and she gave herself only three points for acting.

Ly Nha Ky thanked Han Jae Suk for his kindness, motivating her to follow the project to the end. When working with the Korean side to let the actor return to Vietnam to continue shooting, Ly Nha Ky felt comfortable because she was not made difficult, surprised when the partner accepted to share the boat with her after many ups and downs. Their demanding, professional attitude made her more respectful. The actor said he will always remember the working atmosphere with lots of laughter.

Ly Nha Ky and Han Ji Suk took a photo shoot to promote the movie a few days ago.  Photo: Character provided

Ly Nha Ky and Han Jae Suk took a series of promotional photos for the movie. Image: Characters provided

Han Jae Suk said: “When I accepted the invitation to participate, I did not expect that I would go through so many hardships. However, the way of working and handling difficulties of the Vietnamese team and Ly Nha Ky made me grateful. I used to think The film can be ‘on screen’ forever. When I heard Ly Nha Ky announce that the project was about to be released in theaters with a new name, I was very happy and supported as much as I could.”

Ly Nha Ky - Han Jae Suk on the red carpet of the movie premiere "Third person"

Ly Nha Ky – Han Jae Suk took photos with guests on the red carpet of the film’s launch, on the evening of May 12. Video: Tan Cao

At noon on May 10, Han Jae Suk took a flight from Korea to Ho Chi Minh City, Ly Nha Ky went to the airport to pick him up. In the past two days, the two actors participated in activities such as giving media interviews, attending movie premieres, and livestreaming with fans. On May 13, the actor and the film crew visited a number of cinemas in Ho Chi Minh City, interacting with the audience to see early screenings. Ly Nha Ky will see the actor off on May 15, then she will go to France right away to attend the Cannes Film Festival 2022, from May 17 to 28.

The project started in October 2018 with the name Heaven’s Secretafter the interruption changes to Third person. In the film, Ly Nha Ky plays the role of Doctor Thien Di, telling a love story without tears and smiles with painter Quang Kha (Han Jae Suk). The film also has the participation of Kim Tuyen, Xuan Nghi, Hoang Khoi…

Trailer for the movie 'The Third Man'

Trailer “Third Person” starring Ly Nha Ky and Han Jae Suk, released nationwide from May 13. Video: BHD

The film had to stop filming and disband the crew due to lack of investment capital. Ly Nha Ky spent 33 billion dong to buy back the full production rights when The project fell into a dead end, with the desire to save face for the Vietnamese film crew, respecting international partners. Having witnessed the scene where Han Jae Suk had to eat a boxed lunch, his passport was kept by the hotel in Da Lat due to the film crew’s debt… she was heartbroken. Ly Nha Ky said that if she could go back in time like the movie’s content, she would invest in the project from the beginning to avoid any unhappiness.

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