Ly Hai: ‘My movie doesn’t need a box office guarantee’

Director Ly Hai launched the project “Flip the 6”, said that he only hires suitable actors instead of popular names.

In the sixth part of the series Flip face: Fate ticket, In addition to Huy Khanh – the actor who played the third part, the remaining faces joined the series for the first time, such as Quoc Cuong, Trung Dung, Thanh Thuc, Diep Bao Ngoc…

In response to the question of whether there is pressure when most actors are not popular faces, the director said that he recruited partners based on the criteria of suitability for the role, script, and good health to pursue a long-term project. “I don’t invite actors to guarantee the box office, and then ‘make shoes’ for them with the thought that the film will attract audiences,” Ly Hai said.

Director Ly Hai in the premiere of “Flip the 6” on September 28. Image: Le Tuan

LIVE Flip face: 48h – the best-selling film in Ly Hai’s series, released in 2021, the director chose Vo Thanh Tam and Oc Thanh Van – two names that are less noticeable in the film industry. When the movie hit theaters, Vo Thanh Tam’s martial arts performances were beautifully commented by the audience, because he had been a cascadeur for many years.

In the new project, Ly Hai spends a lot of “land” acting for young faces who have not acted in many movies, giving them the opportunity to appear in front of the audience. The director said: “The script has a lot of psychological scenes, I want to find actors who really master the acting technique. I want the film to attract the audience with the content, not because of the budget.”

For Ly Hai, casting is the most difficult problem when making a movie. He often chooses the training plan from the beginning, finds suitable and potential people, invites them to casting at the rough script stage. If appropriate, the team helps them hone in a few months to half a year.

Actor Diep Bao Ngoc (left) was chosen by Ly Hai to play Flip Face 6, marking the first time working with him.  Photo: Le Tuan

Actor Diep Bao Ngoc (left) plays “Flip Face 6”, marking the first time collaborating with Ly Hai. Image: Le Tuan

The ticket of fate psychological genre, thriller (thriller), different from the action line of the previous films in the series. Ly Hai restored a mat-making village that was in danger of being lost in the context of the West. After completing the pre-production stage, the crew spent a month rehearsing the script before shooting in October. He plans to release the work in the season of April 30 next year, like the time of the premiere of the previous parts.

Seven years into the cinema, Ly Hai became one of the most successful producers at the box office, opening the trend of making brand films (franchise) on the Vietnamese screen with the series. Flip face. The director is a sidekick when entering the field of film production. Graduating from the Drama School of Dramatic Arts 2 (now Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema), in the early 1990s, he entered the singing profession. After many years of struggle, in 2010, he left the stage and turned to directing.

In 2021, Flip face: 48h Ly Hai’s revenue reached 150 billion dong. The work is the most successful project in Ly Hai’s series, the second best-selling Vietnamese film of the year (after Godfather of Tran Thanh, more than 430 billion). Four parts Flip face His previous was a commercial success when earning a total of more than 350 billion VND.

Ly Hai let the passenger car sink into the Hau River in

Behind the scenes, Ly Hai let the passenger car sink into the Hau River in “Flip Face 5”. Video: LH Production

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