Luca de Meo: “Today, Renault is relocating to France”

MAINTENANCE – One year after presenting his strategic plan, the CEO of Renault reveals the next steps.

LE FIGARO.- Renault is back in the green in 2021. Is this recovery sustainable?

Luca from MEO. –Renault had recorded 8 billion euros in losses in 2020. This is not something you can do twice. More than any other manufacturer, we had to work on our efficiency and our fixed costs. The crisis was an accelerator. We are two years ahead of our plan and the savings made on our fixed costs are structural. Now we have to make sure that those costs don’t go up. We made the right decisions on the next products, with suitable vehicles in each segment and delivering strong margins. At the end of 2022, in 2023 and in 2024, we will have a range such as Renault has not had for a long time. We are back in the game.

In an interview at Parisianyour predecessor Carlos Ghosn described Renault as “fragile little builder”to the results “shabby”

I never had the intellectual arrogance to…

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