Louis Fouché, figure of the anti-sanitary pass, leaves the AP-HM

“Doctor Louis Fouché will no longer be employed as from October 19, 2021”, said the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Marseille, Wednesday August 18. The anesthetist-resuscitator, who made himself known through his anti-ax and conspiratorial positions, ” made a request to be placed on availability on June 5, 2021 », specifies the press release.

This departure comes the day after the refusal by the AP-HM to renew Professor Didier Raoult at the head of the IHU of Aix-Marseille. Immediately, the idea that the AP-HM was cleaning up its doctors in disparaged positions ignited social networks.

→ ANALYSIS. Demonstrations against sanitary pass, the comeback of Florian Philippot

Florian Philippot, founder of the Les Patriotes movement and figure of the anti-health pass movement, denounced “An obvious tyrannical drift”. He holds François Crémieux, the new director of the AP-HM, appointed by decree on June 3, as responsible for “Eviction” of Professor Raoult and Doctor Fouché. “It is since that moment that Raoult has had particular problems and Fouché also”, he said in a YouTube video, Thursday, August 19. The same day, Florian Philipot launched a petition in support of Didier Raoult on his site.

Radical positions taken

Formally, the institution does not dismiss Louis Fouché, but it takes all the same care, in an unequivocal press release, to completely detach itself from the doctor of the La Conception hospital. The AP-HM denounces comments made, on several occasions, “Contrary to the moral, ethical, deontological and scientific principles of the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Marseille”, ” during gatherings, in certain media and via the “reinfo-Covid” collective ”, a website created in 2020 by Louis Fouché.

The press release mentions the doctor’s incentives ” to enter into resistance ” versus “Intimidation and blackmail” which would lead to “A techno-sanitary totalitarianism”. The institution also mentions its statements on a “Need for direct action” against the public authorities “In the face of an unprecedented mortality in the history of modern medicine” linked to vaccination.

→ DEBATE. Should the executive be alarmed by the anti-health pass movement?

Louis Fouché became known from the end of August 2020 for his positions against the health policy led by the government. The manifesto of his collective “reinfo-Covid” claims to research “A fair and proportionate health policy for France”. For its members, the media are at the origin of “ truncated information, based on sensationalism, and willingly making people feel guilty ”. On Twitter, the collective’s account is followed by 47,000 subscribers.

In an interview on Radio Courtesy, Louis Fouché calls for resistance against health measures and affirms, about the vaccine, that “Pharmacovigilance registers show that we are beyond all the usual signals to withdraw a drug from the market”. He denounces a movement “Totalitarian paranoid surge” from the government.

For doctor Christian Lehmann, member of the collective “On the side of science”, which brings together doctors and scientists involved in information on Covid, the departure of the doctor is a relief. “We are entitled to ask questions with humility, which was the case with many doctors when the vaccine arrived, but we have no right to lie when reliable scientific data has been provided, denounces the retired general practitioner. Louis Fouché took advantage of the general uncertainty to pass himself off as a great resistance fighter, while he tells nonsense. “


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