Long Hoang – young talent in ‘Small way to life’

The actor plays Dung – the only son of businessman Hoang (played by Phan Anh), a rich family, passionate about collecting comics, addicted to games. Dung’s life is not happy without his mother, father and son are often in conflict. He is close to people who are not blood relatives but treat him well like Mr. Thanh motorbike taxi (artist Bui Bai Binh) or Hoai (Quynh Luong).

Long Hoang was commented on his natural acting, appearance, and age suitable for the character.

Excerpt from 'Small way to life' episode 23

Excerpt from Dung and Uncle Thanh in episode 23 “Small way to life”. Video: VFC

Dung is the first role in Long Hoang’s career. He said he was surprised when he received an invitation from the production team. At first, he was afraid because he didn’t know if he could portray the character well, after thinking about it, Long Hoang decided to accept because he wanted to try his hand at a new field.

“The character has a complicated psychology, completely different from me in real life. I live in full of my parents’ love, pampered and supported both materially and spiritually when needed, while Dung is not. Therefore, I have no practical experience, so I have to ask the director, brothers and sisters in the crew for advice and carefully study the script to incarnate,” he said.

Before shooting, Long Hoang attended an additional course with artist Trung Anh on how to act and reveal his inner self. This helps him feel more comfortable when entering the set.

“In the early days, I was not familiar with the way the crew worked, especially felt shy and worried when each set was shot, there were more than 30 people working hard for me. Everyone supported me a lot. Closed scenes In general, we practice the dialogue and exchange the acting very carefully, so when shooting, we don’t have to go back and forth too many times,” the actor said.

Director Nguyen Duc Hieu said that he chose Long Hoang because of the character’s suitability. After the casting, he noticed that the actor had little experience but had good expressive ability.

Although some scenes of inner acting are still young, Long Hoang is considered by artist Bui Bai Binh to have potential and progress with each episode. When he first met him, he was impressed with his gentle, intelligent face. After a few scenes together, he saw that Long Hoang knew how to express emotions, joy and sorrow. “The two of us often practice before filming, I will give feedback on how this scene should be filmed, how the lines should be expressed. We also often eat and talk to get closer and closer,” he said. .

In addition, he is a photo model, DJ, and music producer. “I want to work towards the image of a singer, musician, music producer, professional DJ and even an actor. No one taxes dreams. I’m young, so I try to study, practice and pursue my passion. I believe everything will pay off,” he said.


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