Livret A, tolls, electricity bill… What changes in February 2022

The month will also be marked by the gradual lifting of health restrictions and the payment of inflation compensation for retirees.

Livret A, electricity, tobacco… Many changes affecting the daily life of the French are taking place this month. Le Figaro takes stock for you.

Increase in regulated passbook rates

Good news for all savers: from February 1, regulated savings accounts will see their rates increase. That of the livret A, which had been set at 0.5% since February 1, 2020, will be doubled, reaching 1%. Bruno Le Maire had indeed announced it on January 14, indicating to take into account the average inflation rate of the last six months and the recommendations of the Banque de France.

The sustainable development and solidarity booklet (LDDS) will also benefit from a revaluation, aligned with that of the booklet A, reaching 1%.

Intended for the most modest, the People’s Savings Book (LEP) goes to 2.2% interest, against 1% so far. This last bookletremains underutilized“, Regrets the government, while nearly half of the French would be eligible.

4% increase in the price of electricity

In its report of January 19 on the evolution of regulated electricity sale tariffs (TRVE), the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) announced a 44.5% increase for “blue faresapplicable to individuals as of February 1. An increase explained by theless availability of the French nuclear fleet this winter“, as well as by the “sharp rise in gas prices” in Europe.

With the “tariff shield» put in place in September, the government will limit this increase to 4%. “An increase of 4% including tax on average of the TRVE will represent an increase of approximately €38/year on the bill of a residential customer and of approximately €60/year for a professional customer.” indicates the CRE in its press release. Without government measures, the increase would have reached 330 euros and 540 euros respectively per year.

Gradual lifting of health restrictions, including compulsory telework

As the peak of the current wave of the epidemic seems in sight, the government assures that it will stick to its timetable for lifting restrictions. From February 2, teleworking will no longer be compulsory but recommended, and wearing a mask outdoors will no longer be compulsory either. Similarly, the gauges will be lifted in cultural and sports venues open to the public.

Then, two weeks later, from February 16, nightclubs can reopen and standing concerts can take place. It will again be possible to consume in transport, cinemas and stadiums, as well as standing in bars or at the counter.

Payment of inflation compensation for retirees

It is now the turn of retirees to receive inflation compensation, this exceptional bonus paid to 38 million French people receiving less than 2,000 euros net per month. Set up in December to compensate for the general rise in prices (+2.8% in November according to INSEE), this bonus will apply to retirees from Tuesday in the form of a payment of 100 euros: “The compensation will be paid in February 2022, by bank transfer regardless of your retirement»; specifies retirement insurance.

The price of tolls up by 2% on average

Bad news for the French who were planning to hit the road as the winter holidays approached. After an increase of 0.44% at the start of 2021, the prices of the main motorway networks will undergo a further increase from February 1, this time by 2% on average.

The increase was confirmed by a decree published this Sunday in the Official Journal. Tariffs will thus increase, for cars, by 2.19% on the ASF (Autoroutes du Sud de la France) network, by 2.05% on that of APRR (Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhône), by 1.91% on that of Sanef and 1.89% on that of Cofiroute. These increases are partly explained by the inflation from which motorway concessionaires suffer.

Last month to take advantage of the 38 euro ceiling for restaurant tickets

Intended to support restaurateurs hard hit by the health crisis, the measure allowing the daily ceiling of restaurant tickets to be increased from 19 to 38 euros will end on February 28, 2022. Until this date, restaurant tickets can therefore be used weekends and public holidays in restaurants, but also inclick and collect“Or for the deliveries of dishes sold by these establishments, indicates the administration. In addition, employees who have received 2021 vouchers will be able to use them until the end of February, but will however have the opportunity to exchange them with 2022 vouchers with their employer.

End of the sale of self-tests in supermarkets

February will be the last month to get self-tests from supermarkets. The exemption granted to large retailers was originally supposed to end on January 31, but it was finally extended until February 15. A way to facilitate access to these useful tools for the French screening campaign, while the Omicron variant continues to spread.

The sale of self-tests to screen for Covid-19 is authorized outside pharmacies.exceptionallysince December 28. For the time being, there are no plans to further extend the derogation granted to supermarkets.

Tobacco: some packages up slightly

French customs unveiled the new tobacco tariffs from Tuesday. Some brands are slightly increasing their prices, such as the pack of Gauloises Blondes bleues, which goes from 9.90 euros to 10 euros, or the jar of Austin Red rolling tobacco, which will be increased by 20 cents.

Domestic violence: reinforced rules to better protect victims

As of February 1, new rules aimed at combating domestic violence come into force. The authorities should systematically notify victims of domestic violence of the release of their violent spouse from prison. In addition, the judicial authority must also “expressly provide» of «question the necessity» monitoring measures for the spouse and protection for the victim.

Among the measures envisaged in the decree, the practical details of which should be specified in February: a ban on contacting or appearing in certain places, which can go – to be sure – to the granting for the victim of ‘a “phone serious danger(device allowing to urgently request the intervention of the police), or the pronouncement of an anti-reconciliation bracelet measure for the aggressor. It is also “avoid any break in monitoring“, for example between a judicial review and incarceration.

Respite granted to owners of furnished accommodation

Lessors of furnished accommodation are no longer limited to February 1 to inform the administration of their choice of tax regime. The 2022 finance law now allows them to choose between the BIC and micro-BIC regime until the last day of filing their tax return, giving them an additional four months of reflection. This change allows the most modest donors in particular to assess the tax regime most in line with their income, in order to then benefit from the most advantageous regime.

Beginning of the distribution ofbaby box» in maternities

As of February 1, parents of newborns in certain territories will receive a “baby box” at the maternity ward. The latter, which takes the form of a shoulder bag, aims to “help parentsin the period of the child’s first 1000 days. It will notably contain a sleeping bag, a soap, a moisturizing product and an album to make parents aware of the importance of the artistic and cultural awakening of infants.

Initially, 180,000 “baby boxwill be distributed in maternity wards in municipalities with priority neighborhoods and rural revitalization municipalities. Then, after an evaluation this summer, the system could be extended to the whole territory.


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