LIVE – Ukraine crisis: EU proposes to ban Moscow’s access to its financial markets and services

While the Ukrainian crisis took a major turn last night, Tuesday should be devoted to consultation, in order to decide on the measures to be taken against Russia. What will happen today?

• The United States will announce new sanctions after banning any new investment, exchange or financing by American persons to, from or within the pro-Russian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk. The White House also insisted that the sanctions announced on Monday were “distinctand ifwould add“to economic measures”fast and severeprepared by Washington and its allies in the event of an invasion.

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These sanctions would make Moscow a “pariah for the international community“Warned a senior US executive on Friday. Russia would beisolated from global financial markets and deprived of the most sophisticated technological inputs“, he had threatened.

• At the same time, the French presidency announced forthcoming European Union sanctions, targeting Russian entities and individuals. They will be decided on Tuesday, announced the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell. But the Élysée has insisted that they will remainproportionateto operations in Donbass. “This is not the package of massive sanctions planned in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine“Notes the Elysee. This is to be able to keep tools in case the situation worsens.

• Prime Minister Boris Johnson also wants to decide this Tuesday on a “significant package of sanctions“.


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