Liu Yifei: ‘I’m not afraid of being misunderstood’

Chinese-born actor Liu Yifei rarely spoke up to explain to protect himself when he was misunderstood or caught in bad rumors.

Yifei welcomed the age of 35 on August 25, on the newspaper Elle, she said she was ready to enter a new phase of her life, with many plans and goals. The beauty claims to have matured early, her attitude to life has not changed much. “I believe actions are always more powerful than words. I don’t worry about being misunderstood, just focus on the things I really love,” said Diep Phi.

Liu Yifei took a photo of the September 22nd issue of the magazine. Video: Elle

The actress said she often reminds herself to enjoy the present. Her biggest concern is how to act, how to breathe life into the character, bring something new to the audience.

Since the beginning of the year, Liu Yifei has encountered some rumors but has kept quiet. On August 22, some entertainment bloggers said that the beauty “was proud, suffering from a star disease that made the whole crew work hard when taking fashion pictures”. Then, the magazine denied the rumors, saying that Liu Yifei was professional, respected his associates and had no special requirements when working in 40 degrees Celsius weather.

* Photo: Liu Yifei at the age of 35

Page Sina Comments Liu Yifei maintains his charm and popularity after 20 years in the entertainment industry. This year, the beauty caused a fever with the TV series Mong Hoa Luc, released in June. She led the list of prominent actresses in the Chinese-language stardom in the first half of the year.

Diep Phi when filming Go to a windy place at the beginning of the year.  Photo: Sina

Diep Phi when filming “Go to the windy place” at the beginning of the year. Image: Sina

The beauty was born in Wuhan city, moved to the US to live at the age of 10. 5 years later, she returned to China, making her first film – Kim Chalk of the world. Next, she starred in a series of big investments like Thien Long Bat Bo 2003, Immortal Swordsman 2005, God Condor 2006, was named “Billion billion fairy”. In May, she finished filming Go where the wind ispairing Ly Hien.

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