Liu Xuehua plans to enter a nursing home

Luu Tuyet Hoa, an actress of “Away from the village”, said that because she lived alone, she planned to go to a nursing home to ensure safety.

In reality show Lower under the eaves play on Bilibili On September 23, the 62-year-old actress said that she is used to being single, not afraid of anything, just worried about accidentally falling or happening, but no one knows. So, in about 10 years, she will leave her house. “At least in the nursing home, I’m guaranteed medical care, health care,” she said.

Liu Xuehua at her home in Shanghai, China. Video: Bilibili

The actress said that 10 years of being single, her rhythm of life is not compatible with modern times. Every day, she walks the dog, watches TV, calls her sister. The house has two televisions in the living room and bedroom, and she turns them on 24 hours a day, even when she sleeps.

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Luu Tuyet Hoa considers herself boring and rarely changes her habits. She doesn’t like going out, doesn’t know how to use high-tech furniture. The actor hires a maid to periodically come to the house to clean, and has his own driver when he needs to go away.

Luu Tuyet Hoa stands out on the Chinese screen in the 1980s and 1990s. Photo: 163

Luu Tuyet Hoa stands out on the Chinese screen in the 1980s and 1990s. Photo: 163

In the reality show, Luu Tuyet Hoa and two other elders let strange young people stay in their house, thereby highlighting the habits and ways of thinking of two generations. The actor said he was excited to join the show. Previously, she was curious when reading the news, seeing many lonely old people giving rooms for strangers to live in, without taking rent. Luu Tuyet Hoa wanted to try but was afraid of safety and did not dare to accept young people with her.

Luu Tuyet Hoa has been married for 12 years with Taiwanese screenwriter Dang Duc Con. In 2011, Mr. Dang died at his home, due to a fall from a high floor. Before that, she had a love affair with actor Luu Duc Khai, was pregnant but the actor did not want to get married. After that, Luu Tuyet Hoa had a miscarriage and had to have her uterus removed to save her life.

Liu Xuehua's crying scenes on screen

Luu Tuyet Hoa left her mark with tearful roles in the movie Quynh Dao. Video: Bilibili

Liu Xuehua was born in Beijing, followed her parents to Hong Kong to live since childhood. She has been acting since 1978, leaving her mark through a series of film adaptations of Quynh Dao’s novels such as The River of Separation, The era of yang and pink, Beside the water, The mute wife, the empty hamlet… Artists who have participated Bao Thanh Thien 1993, Bach Phat Ma female story, Duong Qua and Tieu Long Nu, Maiden Tu Hy, Arrogant Gypsy 1985… Last year, she appeared in two dramas You are my Destiny and Joint pole pen signed. This year, she participated Non-Tiger Tales.

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