LIC’s IPO may be postponed in March in view of the ongoing volatility in the stock market

LIC IPO In 2022-23 Likely: The IPO of the country’s largest insurance company LIC may come in its next financial year 2022-23. Due to the steep fall in the stock market due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the decision to bring LIC IPO in March can be postponed and it can be brought in the new financial year starting from April 1. However, the roadshow for the IPO will continue during this period.

There is volatility in the market
The size of LIC IPO can be more than Rs 66,000 crore. LIC has filed a draft paper with SEBI and it is believed that in the first week of March itself, LIC will get approval from the market regulator to bring IPO. But it will not be easy for the market in this era of upheaval to digest such a large size IPO. That too when the selling environment is being seen in the market. Stability in the market is very important for the success of IPO. The success of LIC’s IPO is very high on the agenda of the government. Because from this the government is going to get a huge amount.

stock market earthquake
Russia’s attack on Ukraine has caused an earthquake in financial markets around the world. The stock market is diving downwards every day, so commodity prices are touching the sky. The impact of global stress may also have an impact on Life Insurance Corporation’s IPO. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also indicated that in view of the rapidly changing situation, the government may reconsider the timeline of LIC’s IPO if the need is felt.

Sensex down 10 per cent
Due to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, there is a lot of volatility in the stock markets around the world. The Indian stock market is also no exception to this. From foreign investors to institutional investors are continuously selling in the market. Due to which negative effect is being seen on the market sentiments. The Sensex has fallen 10 per cent since January 2022.

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