Li Bingbing’s health decline

ChinaStar Ly Bang Bang revealed that her health was declining and she constantly went to the doctor.

On her personal page on November 23, the 48-year-old actress said that in recent years, her body has been weak, often tired, and exhausted. She is sensitive to wind, weather, afraid of bathing, afraid of cold. Li Bingbing sought many doctors for treatment, but her condition did not improve. The long-lasting weariness and fatigue made her want to collapse many times.

Li Bingbing posted photos on her personal page in March. Photo: Weibo/Li Bingbing

What scares her the most is the constant loss of sleep. Every time she mentioned the word “sleep”, she felt panic as if she was locked in a cage. Recently, when her friends introduced her to a doctor, she made an appointment to see a doctor and accepted to take new doses of medicine. The actor wrote: “I lay in bed, longing for a natural and smooth sleep. But as a result, I opened my eyes and waited until morning.” Currently, the actress is learning how to overcome her own fears and weaknesses, and find ways to solve her own sleep problems.

Li Bingbing has not acted in movies for nearly three years, only occasionally attending entertainment events. She has been single since breaking up with Hua Van Nam – a businessman 16 years younger than her – in March. Having been active in the arts for more than 20 years, Hua Van Nam is the first person Ly Bang Bang to openly love.

Li Bingbing's health declined

Li Bingbing’s birthday party was celebrated in March by his partner. Video: Bingbing Studio

Ly Bang Bang stands out in the Chinese language film village with many works such as Phong Thanh, King of Kung Fu, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Bao Thanh Thien’s Childhood, Truong Tam Phong Teenager… The beauty has appeared in many Hollywood movies such as The Meg, Transformers: Era of Destruction, Resident Evil 5

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