Leipzig’s Orban: I know what Lewandowski doesn’t like at all

Just one win from the first three games! Today (6.30 p.m.) RB is already under pressure against FC Bayern. The interview with defense chief Willi Orban (28).

BILD: In twelve games there was only one win against Bayern. The balance sheet can be expanded …

Orban: “In the first home game we showed what we are capable of, even if Bayern are again a different opponent than Stuttgart. We now have some intense weeks behind us with the new trainer. We have to stabilize ourselves in the new system and with Bayern we have an opponent against whom we will have a lot of pressing moments. “

BILD: How can 34,000 fans in the stadium help?

Orban: “It’s wonderful, we all deserve it. I’m looking forward to it and hope that things will continue in the same direction afterwards. In the first home game you could see what was going on. Everything is prepared for a nice evening. “

BILD: Your opponent is Robert Lewandowski. In all the duels with you, have you discovered anything like a weakness in him?

Orban: “When I see him playing internationals, there is one thing he doesn’t like: It’s when he has to run after the ball and the opponent has the ball. He doesn’t like that at all. (laughs) No offensive player wants that. They want to dribble, shoot, have the ball. It’s less fun without a ball.

BILD: Julian Nagelsmann, Dayot Upamecano and Marcel Sabitzer are back today. How special is the game going to be?

Orban: “That’s modern football. There is a lot of fluctuation and so you often meet former comrades. Perhaps the good thing is that we’ve seen Julian’s style of play for the past two years. I think you can already see some parallels. Personally, I see it more as a sporting challenge than a reunion. “

BILD: Did you have any contact with one of the returnees before the game?

Orban: “The last time I wrote to Sabi and congratulated him when his move was fixed. Shortly before the game, however, there is no longer any big talk. But Sabi and Upa are great guys, especially with Sabi I played football for many years. We came that summer and fought our way through the second division. He has a lot of services in the club. “

BILD: The start was mixed in the league. There was a gala against Stuttgart at home, two bankruptcies abroad in Mainz and Wolfsburg. Is that also related to the return of fans?

Orban: “I do think that a small part is also related to the fans, because home games are really home games again now. We not only had a change in the coaching bench, we also have some young newcomers who have to and will integrate. We have also made changes in other areas and these are just a lot of small upheavals. I believe that we can now bring more security back in and perform better away, especially. “

BILD: With Ralf Rangnick, Ralph Hasenhüttl and Nagelsmann you had a couple of trainers in Leipzig. Was the system change to Jesse Marsch the most difficult so far?

Orban: “For me it was a return to the old, classic Ralf Rangnick pressing football. I know that, of course, so it’s not a big change. The same goes for a lot of other players here – but of course it’s definitely different from the football we’ve played in the last two years. “


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