Leipzig athlete Robert Farken: Olympia will be a shark tank “

There are around 9,000 kilometers between Leipzig and Tokyo. Robert Farken (23) made it in just 1500 meters.

At the DM in Braunschweig he not only ran a championship record (3: 34.64 minutes) over this route, but also cracked the Olympic standard.

Farken flies to Tokyo!

“I wanted it that way, I started the race with a big chest,” he says. “It’s great that the hard work has paid off.” Friend Charlotte Fromm (19), herself a 400-meter sprinter, has always encouraged him to do so. Farken: “She gave me a lot of strength and the necessary tailwind.”

His goal for participating in the Olympics for the first time is now clear. “I don’t just want to be there, I also want to play a role. I tasted blood, ”he assures.

First of all, this means: “I want to make it to the final, that would be a dream. Because the Olympics will be like a shark tank, the competition is stiff. It’s a board. “

In this year’s world best list, he has at least reached 21st place.


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