Le Tu celebrates 13 years of marriage

Hong KongLe Tu, the beauty “Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky”, celebrates 13 years of marriage with businessman Ma Dinh Cuong.

On her personal page on the evening of January 18, the 51-year-old beauty posted a photo of a bouquet of flowers her husband gave her and wrote: “Our marriage is neither long nor short, thank you for being willing to nurture and nurture a family with me. Although there are times when I criticize you or complain, in fact, I understand how you care, worry, and protect me.”

Le Tu with her husband on January 18. Photo: Weibo/Li Zi

The actress revealed that every year, her husband chooses fresh flowers that she likes to give to anniversaries and holidays. The beauty thanked her husband for 13 years of joy and happiness.

Above Mpweekly, Le Tu once said that he decided to marry a businessman 15 years older than him because he loved her and both her parents and younger brother. During the wedding, when Ma Dinh Cuong’s friends joked that he “ends his life of freedom”, the businessman replied: “Prove that respect for dignity works.” At that time, because of pursuing Le Tu, he spent most of his time with the actor and did not see his friends for a long time.

Le Tu and his wife on their wedding day.  Photo: Mpweekly

Le Tu and his wife on their wedding day. Photo: Mpweekly

After getting married, Le Tu took care of her family and ran a chain of beauty salons established by her younger brother. Follow HK01, the actor’s family lives in a house worth 1.1 billion HKD ($141.6 million). The beauty often swims with her three daughters and practices yoga at home.

Le Tu's beauty secret at the age of 50

Le Tu practices yoga at home. Video: Weibo/Li Zi

Le Tu was famous in many Asian countries in the 1990s and 2000s thanks to the series Deep Palace Civil War, Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky, People in Gypsy, Pearl of the Light Treasure… Also she released many albums. The actress used to be the dream shadow of many viewers because of her acting ability and sweet beauty.

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