Le Thao Nhi designs bras for breast cancer patients

Runner-up Thao Nhi will design about 1,000 bras for patients who have undergone surgery for breast cancer to encourage morale.

She accompanied the Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV for short) in the role of ambassador, announced on September 28 in Ho Chi Minh City. Designing bras for patients is an activity in many plans that Thao Nhi will implement.

Thao Nhi received a pink hat – the symbol of the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network from the organization’s representative. Video: Tan Cao

The runner-up plans to make 1,000 shirts in advance, then expand the scale. Thao Nhi is working with her partner to design, find suitable materials, a garment factory… for production. After having the product, the beauty will directly go to the hospital to give to the patient.

Thao Nhi has the ability to design, has launched many lingerie collections. The beauty said that although she was familiar with the job, this time she faced difficulties and pressure since the idea. She said: “I know many women with breast cancer often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Therefore, it is not easy to design a shirt that makes patients feel comfortable and confident.”

Thao Nhi wears pink - the symbolic color of the World Breast Cancer Network at the event on September 28 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Sang Dao

Thao Nhi at the event on September 28 in Ho Chi Minh City. Image: Sang Dao

At the event, Thao Nhi burst into tears when she heard the story of a 19-year-old girl who died of breast cancer from Mrs. Nguyen Thuy Tien – co-founder and operator of the network. She said: “I once witnessed a grandmother’s friend suffering from the disease, looking very heartbroken. When it was discovered, it was very important to help the patient stabilize mentally and overcome negative psychology. Through her great role I want to share and help patients understand that they are not alone. I want to spread the message of raising awareness for Vietnamese women about physical and mental health.”

Ms. Thuy Tien said she was impressed with Thao Nhi’s saying “Woman – We are strong together” at the conduct on the final stage of Miss Universe Vietnam in May. When looking for ambassadors for the campaign series, She immediately thought of the runner-up because of her positive and fierce energy at work.

Le Thao Nhi talks about the meaning of joining the Vietnam Breast Cancer Network

Le Thao Nhi talked about why she accepted the position of ambassador for breast cancer. Video: Characters provided

Thao Nhi will participate in many other activities such as “Pink Hat Festival” in October, to raise awareness about breast cancer; Calling for the community to join hands to build a hair library for patients undergoing radiation therapy.

She created the phrase “Breast Friends” (playing on the word “Best Friends”) as a message to women to love and cherish their breasts the same way they treat their best friends. The words will be printed on some items such as t-shirts, all profits will be used to help patients.

On September 27, Thao Nhi invited friends including singer Gigi Huong Giang, beautiful people Ngo Bao Ngoc, Do Nhat Ha, bloggers Giang Oi, Dino Vu… to take photos to spread the message.

Thao Nhi Le with her friends and breast cancer patients took a set of photos to spread the message of love and protection of the breast.  Photo: Character provided

Thao Nhi Le with her friends and breast cancer patients took a set of photos to spread the message of love and protection of the breast. Image: Characters provided

Le Thao Nhi was born in 1994, currently lives in Ho Chi Minh City. She is 1.68 meters tall, measuring three rounds 83-60-92 cm respectively. Before coming to Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 and winning 1st runner-up, Thao Nhi was a famous online fashionista with nearly a million followers. Instagram. She has been paged twice TC Candler voted in the top “100 most beautiful faces in the world”.

The Vietnam Breast Cancer Network was established by Ms. Thuong Sobey, born in 1982 – a stage 4 patient. After her death in 2015, Thuy Tien’s younger sister continued to grow. They focus on carrying out activities with the vision “no one will die of ignorance, help when fighting breast cancer”.

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