Lautern: 5th home win in a row! So the FCK rushes towards the 2nd league!

Lautern’s dream of promotion is becoming more and more tangible.

On Saturday, the team coached by Marco Antwerpen (50) defeated Halleschen FC 1-0. Only hours later, Lautern’s direct promotion and derby competitor Saarbrücken lost 2-1 at the “lonely” leaders Magdeburg. Conclusion: homework done, competition screwed up.


This banner of the FCK fans hung again on Saturday in the middle of the empty west stand. Because only 1000 fans were allowed in the grandstand.

And they saw the debut of new striker Terrence Boyd (30). He came a week ago in an exchange with Elias Huth (24) from Halleschen FC.

While Huth remained pale in the duel with his almost still comrades, Boyd saw a yellow card after four minutes. In a header duel, he hit Jan Löhmannsröben (the ex-Lauterer with the cornflakes) with his elbow in the face. But that didn’t stop Boyd from making his debut at Betze. On the contrary: in the 30th minute he took a shot from the right in the penalty area from a tight angle. The ball just missed the far post. Boyd was always easy to play up front, distributed the ball and put it down skillfully.

But the goal of the day was scored by Mike Wunderlich. He immediately converted a wonderful back pass from Philipp Hercher to make it 1-0 (38th).

Before the game, Lautern had to cope with the failures of Marlon Ritter, Prince Redondo and Julian Niehues due to Corona. With a huge fight on the defensive, Lautern kept the strong Halle team in check even after the change. Coach Antwerp after the game: “Due to the short-term absences, we first had to find our way around. But the boys bit into the game. A deserved win, I’m very happy.”

Terrence Boyd said on SWR: “A few votes were still missing. But the boys are doing well with the ball.” And about the possible promotion. “The 3rd division is damn tight. But our claim is: We can beat anyone.”

Is correct! The 1-0 win against Halle was the fifth home win in a row. 1. FCK has been unbeaten in nine league games. And so far this year there have been three wins in three games. All to zero. For statisticians: 9 points, 7:0 goals in 2022. This is what promotion figures look like!


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