Lan Nha, Van Mai Huong bring music party at ‘In the Mirror – Magic Mirror’

HanoiLan Nha, Van Mai Huong entertained the audience with a series of hits and songs performed for the first time in the show “In the Mirror – Magic Mirror”, on the evening of July 2.

The initial hiccup due to a power outage did not diminish the enthusiasm of the artists and the audience for the music. The program ended completely, nearly 20 songs were performed by Van Mai Huong – Lan Nha in more than two hours. Music director Huy Tuan said he was satisfied when both “completed the challenge” set by him: Singing genres that have never been shown before.

Lan Nha sang “Waiting for people there”. Video: Loc Chung

Lan Nha performing Waiting for people there (music Huy Tuan, lyrics Ha Quang Minh) in rock style. The original version has a ballad style, transformed by the singer with a strong voice and close ranges. He was restrained in the first part but more explosive in the second verse and the chorus. Musician Huy Tuan said that Lan Nha started slowly, still bearing the ballad style, but the latter part was quite strong, Pham Anh Khoa’s “two-pointer” version.

Lan Nha in the show In the Mirror - Magic Mirror #2.  Photo: Giang Huy

Lan Nha in the show “In the Mirror – Magic Mirror #2”. Image: Giang Huy

Van Mai Huong tried her hand at bolero for the first time Life love (Minh Ky – Literature). Because of the tremor, some high notes the singer raised was incomplete. However, she sang the sweet, round ending, which was cheered by many audiences. Musician Huy Tuan praised and joked that maybe there will be a bolero album by Van Mai Huong in the near future.

Van Mai Huong sings Bolero music

Van Mai Huong shows “Love of life”. Video: Loc Chung

The singer said that he heard bolero from a young age thanks to his father but never performed it because he lacked life experience and did not feel the lyrics clearly. “At the age of 28, I changed my thinking, my way of looking at life, believing there would be a way to convey emotions to the audience,” she said. Before that, at the rehearsal on July 1, the singer had difficulty expressing the way he was attached, so he had to sing over and over again.

Van Mai Huong sang bolero for the first time.  Photo: Giang Huy

Van Mai Huong sang bolero for the first time. Image: Giang Huy

In addition to exploring other aspects of themselves, the two conquered the audience with a series of famous hits. Lan Nha sings familiar lyrical songs mixed in a new style. LIVE Last Untitled Song (Vu Thanh An), the singer sings like a conversation, dialogue with a lyrical character, with quiet emotions but not torment, suffering. I show Sighs (Nguyen Minh Cuong), two foreign music songs with Vietnamese lyrics – Once in love, only you – in a soft, warm voice.

When singing her own hit, Van Mai Huong confidently showed off her inner voice, drifting to each tune. Smell is mixed with pop dance, about the initiative to find new love after the pain of heartbreak. With Propose, she sings cheerfully in the country mixed jazz genre, expressing the mood of the girl in love. In the post One day or a hundred years, The singer shows off her clear and emotional voice. She asked the audience to turn on the flash to create a shimmering, poetic space. Van Mai Huong shows that she is at the maturity of her voice and emotions. Before that, the singer confided that the pain of heartbreak and sadness in life helped her sing better.

On the stage In the Mirrorthe first time the singer sang the song live A thousand pain. The song was released on June 23, written from the true story of Hua Kim Tuyen. He once dedicated music to another artist, but for various reasons, he did not debut. In one time he sang the melody aimlessly for Van Mai Huong to listen to, she liked, ready to wait two years to sing. Singer and band Anh Em create emotional resonance to the audience.

Van Mai Huong - Lan Nha combined well in the program.  Photo: Giang Huy

Van Mai Huong – Lan Nha combined well in the program. Image: Giang Huy

Another highlight of the show is the duo’s duet. Known since Vietnam Idol 2010 but pursuing different music, must come In the MirrorThey just sang together for the first time. Both heat the air with Sway, the song tells about the moment when the lovers dance. They dance, interact well on stage. Below, the audience simultaneously clapped to the beat.

Works originally written for a single person, were remixed by musician Huy Tuan and Anh Em band for performance by Van Mai Huong – Lan Nha. They start with Muse – hit by Hoang Dung. The opening is the main piano sound, later it is pushed to the climax with many instruments, helping the two artists to freely adventure. Next is the new hit of singer Truc Nhan Can not keep losing not find in a vibrant, tempo style. They split the intervals, harmonized, making the two songs new and interesting, and the audience continuously applauded.

Lam Nha - Van Mai Huong sings a duet

The song “Sway”. Video: Loc Chung

Lan Nha, Van Mai Huong juggled well from the time of practice to the stage, exchanging. They freely tease each other, take on challenges together. The Anh Em band and music director Huy Tuan bring remixes of the singer’s voice as well as create something new and appealing to listeners.

After the show, many spectators lingered to take pictures with the singer. Thu Anh, 27 years old, is a fan of Van Mai Huong, but when she came to the show, she was further conquered by the voice of Lan Nha. Thu Anh commented that the sound, light, band, and vocals are all great. Before the show started, about 500 spectators had a finger foods party by the pool. Many people said that when they first experienced listening to music outdoors, they were excited about the space, the stage…

In the Mirror – Magic Mirror is a series of music programs by newspapers VnExpress, FPT Online company and specialized website Star organization. This is a meeting and exchange space for much-loved singers, where they talk about their musical path, perform famous songs, and explore other aspects of their artistic abilities. .

The second issue featured two vocalists who came out of the competition together Vietnam Idol 2010 – Van Mai Huong and Lan Nha. Music director – musician Huy Tuan, Anh Em band and singers bring a colorful music story with a new concept. Through the “Magic Mirror”, artists recreate their career journey with the most beautiful milestones. Singers will also have to look at themselves in another mirror “Silent Mirror”, where they introduce to the audience other perspectives, inner whispers, and personality colors that are rarely introduced to the public.

The show took place in Park City urban area (Le Trong Tan, Ha Dong) on ​​the evening of July 2. The show, with nearly 350 spectators watching on the spot, sold out a few days ago. Show is both live and replayed on the eBox platform. Currently, the show is also selling tickets online through the eBox platform.

The first issue aired on January 19 with the participation of Tung Duong and Bui Anh Tuan. Two male singers had a hit swap, Tung Duong sang Where love begins and Bui Anh Tuan performed the song Home.

Live In the Mirror - Magic Mirror

Understanding Humans

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