Lan Nha: ‘My wife creates all conditions for me to work’

Singer Lan Nha said that his wife was not jealous, taking care of all the housework so that he could sublimate in music.

Lan Nha will participate in the music night In the Mirror – Magic Mirror the second issue, taking place on 2/7 in Hanoi. On this occasion, the singer shared about work and life.

– From Vietnam Idol 2010 until now, how do you see yourself changing?

– After 12 years, innocence is definitely gone. However, my sincerity, my love for music is intact. That is very important. Keeping my enthusiasm in music will help me a lot in my career.

The biggest change was when I got married and had children – milestones that helped me grow in my career. Every day, when I look at my wife, children, and loved ones around, there are many problems I need to think about and worry about. Since then, I have looked at life differently than before. I have to grow up every day to be an example of parenting. I feel fortunate that these changes help me to be more refined, to collect a lot of material to include in the work. Thanks to that, when performing the song, my emotions and breathing are also different.

Lan Nha at the interview before the show “In the Mirror”. Image: Giang Huy

– Pursuing old music, you can be under great pressure from veteran vocalists like Tuan Ngoc, Quang Dung… How do you get rid of the shadow of the forerunner?

– Before I was compared, I was very sad. But looking back, it’s true that I was influential, very similar to them. Actually, this is very normal because when idolizing someone, invisible in my head is affected by their style and image. Gradually, I feel that comparison is normal, more comfortable with thoughts, personalities, and ways of seeing.

I don’t have to try to be different, but confidently express myself in accordance with my personality, breath, and singing style. I just try to make each work more thoughtful and emotional. I realized that with the chosen musical path, just singing with a calm mind will bring out the right values ​​as I thought.

– Many people say his voice is good, warm, deep but one color, little variation. What do you think about this statement?

– An artist is fortunate to be known to the public, there will always be mixed opinions and I respect that. The important thing is that with the chosen path, will I pursue it to the end? Currently, I am very satisfied with my musical path and am taking great care of it. Sometimes, I also sing some other genre songs but just for fun. I want to focus on my own business, not worrying about other things. I know what I love and what my audience needs.

– Singing for a long time, although he is loved, he rarely has his own hit songs, most of them are covers. How do you think about this?

I’ve always wondered about this question. Actually, I also have my own song, but I’m not fortunate enough to be known by many people, while most of the famous songs are covers. Many people ask me: ‘Why don’t you order songs?’, ‘Why don’t you buy new songs?’. It’s not that I don’t do it, it’s just that I haven’t found the right work. I also receive many songs from the author and am really grateful. However, I haven’t had any luck with it. So, I want to have a hit song but I still have to wait. Many times the song the artist likes is not necessarily a hit and vice versa. I believe that at some point, when everything is ripe enough, the fruit will be sweet.

– As one of the vocalists with a large frequency of running shows, how does the income from singing currently meet your life?

– Many thanks to the audience because thanks to them, my economic life is much better than before. I used to have to retire and do voice acting because I couldn’t live with my job. At the moment, maybe compared to other people is nothing but me and my family feel very comfortable. I am still working hard and giving. I have a lot of new projects in my head but haven’t started yet. I’m trying to make it happen as soon as possible.

– How do you usually balance work and family?

– It is difficult for an artist to keep both work and family intact. Due to the busy schedule of work, in addition, there are many unnamed jobs, so my relatives will be very disadvantaged. Sometimes I can’t take care of them properly. I am lucky to have a wife who takes care of all the housework, the manager takes care of the backstage work, I just have to sing, stand on stage, do what artists have to do.

When I was single, in my free time, I went to bed and drank beer with my friends. Now, when I have time, I just hang out with my family. Maybe many people feel monotonous, but for me that’s enough.

Lan Nha: 'My wife creates all conditions for me to work'

– How does your wife help her husband with work when he is away? What do you usually do to make up for her?

– My wife likes a busy husband because then the end of the month will be fun (laughs). I am fortunate to have a wife who understands and sympathizes with my work a lot. She doesn’t get jealous when she sees me taking pictures with female fans or sharing the same stage with female artists. Or jealous but discreet that I don’t know (laughs). In general, she created all conditions for me to flourish in my career.

If grading, she accounts for about 60% of my career success, the rest is due to my own efforts, team members and family. As for me, sometimes I just help my wife wash the dishes, dry the clothes, play with the kids… all the little things.

– What is your artistic direction in the future?

– I have a lot to cherish, but right now I don’t have time or conditions to do it. I hope to have a big concert in the near future. In 2019, I have a joint concert with Uyen Linh, but later I want to have my own show. In addition, try to release a new album to bring to the audience quality music products.

Lan Nha smiled when she mentioned her wife.  The two have been together for eight years and have two children - a girl and a boy.  Photo: Giang Huy

Lan Nha smiled when she mentioned her wife. The two have been together for eight years and have two children – a girl and a boy. Image: Giang Huy

In the Mirror – Magic Mirror is a series of music programs organized by VnExpress newspaper, FPT Online company and Star website. This is a meeting and exchange space for much-loved singers, where they talk about their musical path, perform famous songs and discover other artistic capacities.

The second issue featured two vocalists who came out of the competition together Vietnam Idol 2010 – Van Mai Huong and Lan Nha. Music director – musician Huy Tuan, Anh Em band and singers will bring a colorful music story with a new concept. Through the “Magic Mirror”, artists recreate their career journey with the most beautiful milestones. Singers will also have to look at themselves in another mirror “Silent Mirror”, where they introduce to the audience other perspectives, inner whispers, and personality colors that are rarely introduced to the public.

The music show took place in Park City urban area (Le Trong Tan, Ha Dong) on ​​July 2. The show was watched by 500 spectators on the spot, and was broadcast live and replayed on the eBox platform. Readers can buy tickets here.

The first issue aired on January 19 with the participation of Tung Duong and Bui Anh Tuan. Two male singers had a hit swap, Tung Duong sang Where love begins and Bui Anh Tuan performed the song Home.

Lan Nha: My wife creates all conditions for me to work - 2

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