Lamborghini boss promises “a sound apart” for his electric cars

A GT 2 + 2 could be the brand’s first electric vehicle. “But we must not copy the internal combustion engine, nobody would forgive us”, judge Stephan Winkelmann.

Maintain the spirit of the brand, even for electric models. Lamborghini boss promises “a different music, a different soundFor its future electric cars, to replace the characteristic roar of the internal combustion engines of its gasoline models. The first 100% electric Lamborghini, expected in a few years, could be a sports car with four raised seats, the boss of the Italian brand told AFP this weekend.

For our first 100% electric model, we are thinking of a GT 2 + 2, a slightly higher car, like an SUV, for a launch around 2027», Said Stephan Winkelmann. “It is not set in stone, we analyze the market, but it is a still virgin sector“.

Lamborghini will unveil until 2022 its latest models with huge gasoline-only engines. From 2023, all of the brand’s cars will be hybrids: it plans to invest more than 1.5 billion euros over four years in the electrification of its ranges. Since batteries weigh heavily on vehicles, Lamborghini will “work to keep its cars extremely manoeuvrable, with an even better power-to-weight ratio», Underlined Mr. Winkelmann. Objective: “that the car remains a typical Lamborghini, but even more powerful than previous generations“.

What sound will replace the hoarse roar of the engines, typical of the brand? “It will be a different music, a different sound», Promised Mr. Winkelmann. “But we must not copy the internal combustion engine, no one would forgive us“. “It is not said that we will only do electric. We could continue with internal combustion engines, if synthetic fuels represent a [[option] affordable alternative“, He clarified however.

Acceleration in China

In a depressed automotive market, the brand recorded a sales record in the first half of 2021 with 4,852 vehicles sold. “After the first wave of confinements, the super sports car market recovered very quickly, we recorded many orders», Congratulated Mr. Winkelmann.

The Urus SUV carries sales with 2,796 units (+ 35% over one year), ahead of the sports cars Huracán (1,532 units, + 46%) and Aventador (524 units, + 21%). “We want stable growth, without unexpected peaks or drops», Specified the leader. “The important thing is to always produce less than demand, so that the brand remains attractive.“. Lamborghini is preparing a strategy to accelerate sales in China, which has become Taurus’ second territory, behind the United States but ahead of Germany and the United Kingdom, Winkelmann said. After starting his career at Alfa Romeo and Fiat, the manager joined Lamborghini, a brand of the Volkswagen group in 2005, launching an SUV in 2017 that shocked purists but tripled sales in a few years.

After a two-year detour at Bugatti, another brand of the German group, Mr. Winkelmann returned to the head of the Bull of Sant’Agata, near Bologna in Italy. Could Lamborghinis use Porsche batteries, another Volkswagen sports brand which will develop “packs»High performance? “The advantage of being part of a large group is having synergies on everything that is not part of the brand’s DNA: what is not visible, such as electronic architecture. Everything that is important for the customer and the DNA must be carried out internally», Explained Mr. Winkelmann. “On batteries, we are currently working with suppliers, but we are participating in the development», He clarified.

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