La Gia Luong’s wife is calm when she is criticized for being old and ugly

Actress To Nham, wife of Hong Kong actor La Gia Luong, said she was not sad when many people criticized her as unworthy of her husband.

On the evening of September 24, on her personal page, To Nham posted a video responding to the criticism of the audience about her current beauty. The 47-year-old actor said: “I’ve never been afraid of old age, wrinkles. Because worrying doesn’t help. Everyone gets old, that’s a reality. I can’t prevent wrinkles, but I can maintain my figure. shape, adjust my thoughts and my way of life. What I should do is comfort my soul, love my family, myself and life.”

To Nham posted pictures of everyday life. Video: Douyin/Su Yan

To Nham says Internet where everyone is free to comment, she is not affected by criticism. The actor said that he is currently focusing on taking care of his family. She will return to acting if given the opportunity, the script is good.

Previously, when posting videos of bare face, posing at home on his personal page, To Nham received hundreds of negative comments. The audience wrote: “Why are you so old”, “Look at her as if she has no food and no vitality”, “Why did La Gia Luong marry her?”…

Wedding photo of La Gia Luong, To Nham.  Photo: 163

Wedding photo of La Gia Luong, To Nham. Photo: 163

Su Yan was born in Shandong province, China, and was chosen by director Zhang Yimou to play a nurse in the movie To live 1993. Next, she joined School of Hatred, Color Realm (director Ang Ang, as Madam Ma), You are my destiny… In 2009, To Nham married actor La Gia Luong, since then, he has rarely acted in movies. The couple has an eight-year-old daughter.

To Nham is the second wife of the actor. He has been married to actor Phuong Man Nghi, has a son. They divorced in 2008. Gia Luong used to be a top star in TVB, famous for Condor Heroes 1994, Male heaven, Cruel challenge, Heaven and earth love… He left TVB in 2003, went to mainland China to develop his career. In recent years, La Gia Luong has played Absolutely great but proud 2020, Dong Cung, Da Thien Son

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