Kolasinac, Günter, Amiri – three professionals report on their fateful moments

These are insights into the psychological life of football professionals that are seldom found.

Several stars openly report problems and obstacles that have made their way to professionals difficult. And how they fought them, in order to go their own way in the end.

The background to the campaign is the merger of the two consultancy agencies “ISMG” and “Unique Sports Management”.

The reports are about sporting and private problems – as with Freiburg’s Christian Günter (28), EM participant in 2021.

“My wife was diagnosed with a tumor in the head at the age of 17, and then she was diagnosed with lymph gland cancer at the age of 21,” says the left-back: “We were told we could never have children of our own.” Welt: “In the meantime I am not only a happy husband, but also the proud father of our little daughter Nele.”

Another professional at the agency is ex-Schalke Sead Kolasinac (28), today under contract with Arsenal London. Kolasinac was ambushed and threatened with a gun in November 2019 when he was driving with Mesut Özil in the car.

Kolasinac came back to Schalke on loan last season, but was unable to prevent relegationPhoto: Getty Images

However, he put the attackers to flight: “When we were attacked in London, there was no doubt for me to swear in my teammates and to stand up for my values: courage, moral courage and respect.”

The Bosnian national player continues: “As a footballer, you are used to criticism not only on, but also off the pitch. We are often accused of a lack of loyalty and greed “, explains Kolasinac:” I have never forgotten where I come from and who belongs to my family and needs help. “

Another player was predicted that he would not be able to gain a foothold in Germany because his family had fled Afghanistan. And he is now a German national player – Leverkusen’s Nadiem Amiri (24).

Nadiem Amiri made his debut for the German national team in 2019

Nadiem Amiri made his debut for the German national team in 2019Photo: Pool via REUTERS

He says: “My parents fled Afghanistan to Germany in the 80s. Everyone told us that we would never be Germans and that we would always remain strangers. Today I am proud to live in Germany, I became the U21 European champion with the German national team and I love both countries and cultures. “


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