Know why coal crisis can arise again in the country?

Coal Crisis Likely: Coal crisis may arise in the country this year also. In fact, the country’s largest coal producing government company Coal India is giving priority in supplying coal to power plants, which has created a supply crunch in front of such industries which are dependent on coal.

The summer season has arrived and in such a situation the demand for electricity has increased. And it is believed that the demand for electricity may increase further in the coming time. The stock of coal in power plants is less than the fixed target. Due to which Coal India is increasing the supply of coal to power plants. Coal stock in power plants had come down to 25.2 million tonnes on Sunday, which is less than the target of 45 million tonnes set by the Ministry of Coal.

According to media reports, Coal India used to supply 2,75,000 tonnes of coal to non-power users, which has decreased by 17 per cent on an average per day. Railway rakes are being used to increase the supply of coal in power plants, in such a situation, Coal India has asked industrial customers to supply coal through trucks due to less number of railway carriages, which will supply coal to non-power users. will decrease. A railway rake has the capacity to carry 4000 tonnes of coal whereas the track can carry only 25 tonnes of coal at a time. Apart from aluminum, steel, cement plants, chemical factories are also coal based in the country.

2021-22 Coal India has produced 622 million tonnes of coal as against 607 million tonnes in 2020-21. But the demand for coal is booming. Power plants that relied on imported coal have reduced their purchases due to the steep rise in coal prices due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. On the other hand, Coal India is showing its inability to meet the demand.

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