Know which crypto currency is in the market, in which the trend of investors increased

this is on top
Bitcoin is at number one in this list. Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth since last year. Its market cap is around $ 752,811,299,581. Currently, the price of one bitcoin is around US$ 40,452.10. Bitcoin is the most expensive and most popular of cryptocurrencies. Now many people have started investing in it.

Second and third number are their possession
While second number is Ethereum. The market cap of Ethereum is around $324,532,943,622. At the same time, the price of one Ethereum is around $2,781. Binance Coin is at number three. Its market cap is around $51,484,830,730 and the price of one Binance coin is $334.

In the list these are at number four and fifth 
Dogecoin is at number four. Its market cap is $26,091,843,006. At the same time, the price of one Dogecoin is around $ 0.20. Tether is at number five. Its market cap is around $ 62,253,283,078. And a Tether costs about a dollar.

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