Know where Indian Railways imposed restrictions on rail travel due to Corona’s new variant Omicron

Train Passengers Restrictions: Indian Railways has imposed restrictions on rail travel in all local suburban and EMU trains in view of the new variant Omicron of Corona (Covid 19). Trains will now run with only half the capacity (50% capacity). Indian Railways has taken this decision after the suggestion of the local government.

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Following the suggestion of the Government of West Bengal, Indian Railways has decided that all local trains, suburban trains and EMU train services will run till 10 pm with only 50 percent seating capacity. No trains will leave from their originating station after 10 pm. North Eastern Railway has issued a statement saying this. It has been said in the statement that these restrictions will remain in force till January 15, 2022. Eastern Railway has said that this decision has been taken in view of preventing the spread of Corona.

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However, other trains such as mail-express trains, long-distance passenger trains, freight trains and parcel trains will not be affected by this order. She will go according to her own time. Eastern Railway has requested all railway passengers to follow the guidelines like wearing masks, social distancing along with following the Kovid protocol.


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