Kinsey Wolanski raced at the Champions League final 2019: Electric shock on the bottom

She was still darting in front of full ranks …

Kinsey Wolanski became world famous in the 2019 Champions League final (Tottenham – Liverpool 0-2) when she suddenly – only in a swimsuit – dashed across the lawn.

June 1, 2019: A folder is about to capture Kinsey WolanskiPhoto: Getty Images

Now Wolanski brings himself into the conversation through another questionable action. Because she lost a “challenge” against model friend Casey Boonstra, Boonstra was allowed to use an electric shock device on Wolanski’s buttocks. Her reaction: she goes straight to the ground.

The whole thing is captured in an Instagram video, both women wear only one bikini.

Wolanski did the streaker show at the Champions League final for her boyfriend at the time: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, whose porn site “Vitaly Uncensored” was supposed to be advertised through the campaign.

Wolanski is said to have brought in 3.8 million pounds (just under 4.5 million euros). The fine she paid was a ridiculous 19,200 pounds (just under 22,600 euros).

Thus, the American also had the necessary change for the electric shocker …


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