Kim Loan’s daughter sings Chau Dang Khoa’s music

Singer Sofia – the daughter of the late artist Kim Loan – released the MV “It’s because I’m unlucky” composed by Chau Dang Khoa.

Excerpt from Sofia’s MV “It’s my bad luck” released on the evening of January 6. Video: YouTube Superbrothers

The song belongs to the pop ballad genre, about the mind of a girl who has a secret crush on a person but encounters obstacles due to her unremarkable and clumsy appearance. The song features rapper Smoke.

Chau Dang Khoa wrote the song from his actual observation of Sofia. For a long time, she has faced many negative comments about her appearance, being said that it is difficult to go far with art despite her good voice. Sofia is not too sad, on the contrary comfortably accepts everything. Through composing, she wants to encourage people not to lose faith in the good, everyone deserves to be loved and meet good people in life.

Image of Sofia in the new MV.  Photo: Character provided

Image of Sofia in the new MV. Photo: Characters provided

The MV image part is taken by creative director Denis Dang and director Dinh Ha Uyen Thu. Sofia plays a dreamy girl with many emotions in love. Sincere, kind and willing to do anything good for the one she loves, but her poor appearance makes her always look down on. While she is happy to receive a date from the person of her dreams, she has to witness him having sex with her close friend. She ran away in pain, had an accident and died.

After a day of release, the MV entered the top trending YouTube at number 18 with nearly half a million views. Many viewers praised Sofia’s strange and powerful voice. The singer’s acting in the MV is diverse, changing from innocent to seductive, painfully realizing the love being teased. Tuan Vo said: “The music is not very cheerful, but the title and content of the MV are satirical, humorous, and have a cheerful beat. Congratulations on this new combination”. Trieu Pham wrote: “A catchy song. Sofia’s voice is adventurous, the MV script is quite good”.

Sofia with her mother - the late artist Kim Loan - on the coronation stage of the 2018 Idol Singer contest Photo: Provided by the character

Sofia with her mother – the late artist Kim Loan – on the coronation stage of the 2018 Idol Singer contest. Photo: Characters provided

Sofia’s real name is Dan Trang, born in 2000. She is the daughter of the late artist Kim Loan, who died in April 2019 of liver cancer. When she was still alive, she often stood on stage with her mother. Sofia used to participate in many music competitions to find the opportunity to shine. In 2018, she won the Idol Singer contest, then returned to Chau Dang Khoa’s entertainment company. In January 2021, she released her first product – MV Remember someone who is fond of remembering – attracted attention with 25 million views on YouTube.

Singer Sofia covers 'Sincerity'

Sofia sang “Truth” two months ago. Video: Youtube Superbrothers

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