Khuong Ngoc: ‘My wife was afraid of me digging flowers’

Married at the age of 38, actor Khuong Ngoc said that before accepting the love, his wife was worried because she knew her husband’s peachy past.

On May 21, Khuong Ngoc held a wedding ceremony with his wife – Hai Yen – in his hometown of Khanh Hoa, inviting about 20 guests. The actor confided about his secret love story and his changes as a father.

– Having been together for six years and having a child together, why have you and your husband only got married until now?

– For many years, I have been a family man. A beach wedding is also a long-standing wish of his wife. I came up with the idea last year, when the epidemic broke out, and quietly implemented it. Up until now, I have lived a simple life, not too complicated about marriage, so this event is just an opportunity for the family to gather together and enjoy the holiday. Some colleagues texted me asking why I didn’t invite them to the fun day. In fact, anyone who is close to and understands me knows that I am a person who is afraid of disturbing friends.

Khuong Ngoc held a wedding ceremony on Cam Ranh beach, Khanh Hoa on May 21. Image: Characters provided

– What is the most memorable moment for you on your wedding day?

– Probably my daughter’s smile when she saw her parents get married. For a long time, I have thought, if my child can attend my parents’ wedding – which I have long wanted, it will be a priceless gift of memory. Therefore, I want the baby to grow up, gradually become stronger, clearly feel everything about the new wedding, the family enjoy the happy moment together. I simply think, if your child grows up with that memory, he will know more love.

Khuong Ngoc plays Lightning in TV series "wild sunflowers" (2008)

Khuong Ngoc played the role of Lightning in the TV series “Wild sunflowers” (2008). Video: THVL

– Under what circumstances did you meet your wife?

– We got to know each other on an occasion of working together on a project Saigon bodyguard (2016). My first impression is that she has a gentle voice but her eyes are quite “discriminatory”, maybe because I am quite pompous (laughs). She assumed that in her mind before meeting, so right from the first greeting, I could read her mind, like: “It’s true that it’s no different than I guess, he makes fun of everyone he meets. “. That look remained in my mind the whole time we knew each other, like an interesting challenge.

Day by day, she conquers me with her intelligence and strong personality. Despite her prejudice, she was always ready to stand behind me, silently supporting me in every project. I realized this is the person I’ve been looking for for a long time because of the same outlook on life and respect for the individual freedoms of both sides. When she accepted the love, she encouraged me to live comfortably and reveal my personality.

The happiness of the couple Khuong Ngoc is the presence of their daughter on the wedding day.  Photo: Character provided

The happiness of the couple Khuong Ngoc is the presence of their daughter on the wedding day. Image: Characters provided

– In the same field of film, how do you and your wife share in work?

– She works in film distribution, while I am mainly an actress and participate in production. However, from the beginning, we all agreed: don’t interfere in each other’s work if you can’t solve it. Whenever my wife has a difficult time, I often support by analyzing the two sides of the benefits – the harms of doing it this way or that way. Whatever she chooses, I support it. The flaws – if any – will help us experience to grow.

– Used to enjoy freedom, after getting married, how do you see yourself changing?

– I find the phrase “nature is hard to move” cannot apply to myself. After getting married, I realized that marriage is not as scary as I thought. I changed myself to be able to do everything from small to large, from taking care of children to being respectful to both sides of the family, and this was not because of the pressure of the situation. I am more patient, calmer in everything. I’m always thinking about how to bring out the best, without bothering my family and still be comfortable.

Thanks to my wife and children, over time, I learned how to transform my ego to adapt to life situations. Not only with my family, I also apply that in work, thereby solving many difficulties. My concept is simple: understand what the people around you need, listen to them to make the best decision. Thanks to that, I never let my wife and I quarrel in child care. For me, there are things that already belong to opinion, so don’t try to change or argue to find common ground. The optimal way to handle conflicts is to not let conflicts happen, to eliminate conflicts from the very beginning (laughs).

– Why do you mostly just close supporting role?

– Over the years, I spend all my time with my children. For me, this is an important period for my baby. Later, the child is stronger, it’s not too late for me to go back to work. In the past, I have played both main and supporting roles. I like to choose roles that are beyond my standards, prioritizing roles that have never been shown so as not to repeat myself. I want the audience when watching the movie I act to feel the authenticity and liveliness, not the acting. They will find themselves in it, or a character who looks normal but has no idea what will happen next.

I am still learning every day to follow my goal of self-produced movies. I think: if you can’t find what you want, learn how to create it.

Khuong Ngoc in MV "Let go of worries" (2019)

The happiness of the couple Khuong Ngoc is the presence of their daughter on the wedding day. Image: Characters provided

Khuong Ngoc’s real name is Huynh Quang Ngoc, born in 1984 in Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa. His family did not do art, but from a young age, he liked to participate in school’s cultural activities. Growing up, he went to Ho Chi Minh City to study at the College of Theater and Cinema (now Ho Chi Minh City University of Theater and Cinema) thanks to the encouragement of acquaintances.

In the early days of school, he worked many jobs from selling lottery tickets, playing badminton for the team to school modeling competitions to have money to cover his life. He used to sing, was in the FBO group with Hoang Duy, Tan Khanh… After graduating with honors, he participated in a TV series. wild sunflowers (in 2007), known for the role of Seth – a Gypsy boy.

Actors gradually resonate with movies Taxi, The Boy Who Doesn’t Know Jealousy, The Invisible Truth… He was also invited by many directors to act in movie projects such as Hero’s Destiny (2012)Scandal (2013)… The actor made a mark with complex psychological and personality roles. In 2018, he participated in the movie Killer Lens with the villain – a criminal.

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