Khanh Ly: ‘What’s so much money for?’

Lam DongAt the age of 77, Khanh Ly mocked herself with the sentence “What’s with a lot of money?”, saying that she no longer needs material things, going to sing to be close to the audience.

Singer Khanh Ly said: “What’s so much money for?”, at a press meeting in Da Lat on the afternoon of June 24. Video: Thoai Ha

During the press conference, the audience before the opening day Live concert – Like a farewell, celebrating 60 years of singing, Khanh Ly led people from the memory of the youth to the day of returning to Da Lat in the late afternoon, and a journey of more than half a century of singing. She said: “If I were to die, there would be so many great songs, but no one would perform. Now that I’m alive, just sing.”

Khanh Ly sings 'Something seems to be despair'

Khanh Ly sang “It seems despair” – “Random” by Trinh Cong Son at the meeting in Da Lat.

In the US, two years of epidemic, Khanh Ly was around the house, living with two dogs and her daughter – who was on duty to take care of her. I was afraid she was tired, advised to stop all tours, social work. Khanh Ly also often receives many questions about her still working at the age of U80. The artist said that currently, she does not sing for money, because there is no longer a need to use money. She often thinks to herself the saying: “What’s the use of a lot of money?”, and then finds the answer for herself, “a lot of money is to help people stop thinking about money”. In addition to singing, she and her friends do volunteer work at churches, hospitals, schools, and meet disadvantaged people, because “I don’t bring joy or help them, but on the contrary, they are role model for me,” she said.

* Khanh Ly’s U80 performance at the exchange

Looking at her appearance, Khanh Ly is flexible and dynamic compared to many people of the same age, but she said it is a great effort, because she cannot escape the “old and sick” rule. At the exchange, every time she sat still, Khanh Ly could not hide her fatigue and sweat because of many old age diseases, and her legs hurt when she stood for a long time. However, when the musician started a Trinh tune, the singer became a different person, lively and talkative, stood up, picked up the microphone and sang while telling the story of her life.

“I am still like this because I always go with many young people, learn and share inspiration from them to live a positive life,” she said.

“I respect Mr. Son’s character”

Khanh Ly said that Trinh Cong Son is like a father

Khanh Ly said she found a father figure in musician Trinh Cong Son. Video: Thoai Ha

Not to mention the noise surrounding her statement about her relationship with Trinh Cong Son and her image in Me and Trinh – In a controversial movie, Khanh Ly only mentioned some memories of the musician who was fatefully attached to her career.

“I respect and appreciate Mr. Son’s character because he never cheats. In love affairs, a married woman never comes close to Mr. Son, he is very displeased with it. Therefore, we keep a long-term friendship, if it goes beyond some allowed limit, it will be a waste. I always find the image of a father in him. Sometimes, I see our affection more than blood.” she said.

“Please don’t call me singer, idol”

Khanh Ly meets the audience in Da Lat

The moment Khanh Ly reunited with an old acquaintance in Da Lat, also her loyal audience.

Da Lat is a memory sky with Khanh Ly. Every time she comes back, she always looks like a 12-year-old girl, Le Mai, who has no money, dares to run away from home, asks for a hitchhiker to bring corn back to Saigon for a singing contest, and comes in second with the song. Return date by Pham Duy. She was able to relive a life of many sorrows but many joys, even though there was usually no one beside her. She lost her father at the age of 5, lost her mother at 50, and “orphaned” her husband in the late afternoon, she said singing gave her the will to live. “The name Khanh Ly is probably familiar to many people, I don’t expect anyone to call me a singer,” said the artist.

Khanh Ly sings 'If you love me'

Khanh Ly sings “If you love me” (Tran Duy Duc – Ngo Tinh Yen).

Khanh Ly thinks that this show is supported by many people, perhaps because she still keeps the audience’s good memories and memories. The meeting on the afternoon of June 24 had many emotional moments when she suddenly met the people who were persistent, silently watching her. It is the blind boy Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, 33 years old, a regular fan of Khanh Ly’s domestic shows, who finds the motivation to live through her singing. Those are the generation audiences born in 1940, 1960, always find the meaning of people and life when listening to Trinh Cong Son’s music through Khanh Ly’s voice.

Singer Khanh Ly at a press conference in Da Lat City on the afternoon of June 24, a day before the tour to celebrate 60 years of his career.  Photo: Thanh Nguyen

Khanh Ly in a quiet moment at the exchange. Image: Thanh Nguyen

From the day she returned home to prepare for the show, Khanh Ly lost weight because she was constantly moving and busy practicing with the band. The first night of the chain Like a farewell takes place at 8pm at Clouds – In The Nest, with Tung Leo and Trac Thuy Mieu as MC. Both said they did not prepare the script, wanted to lead the night like an intimate reunion between Khanh Ly and her dear friends – audience.

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