Khanh Du: ‘I am grateful to my husband’

Khanh Du said she was grateful to her husband – Vladimir Kubis – for his love, being close to her when she was sick, accepting that his wife could not bear children.

Singer returns home to perform music night Late night song in Ho Chi Minh City, meeting the audience after nearly 5 years of absence from the domestic stage. On this occasion, Khanh Du talked about her married life with her husband from the Czech Republic, having been with her for nearly 20 years.

– During your absence, how is your life?

– After the second surgery a few years ago, I lived on two artificial heart valves or had arrhythmias, had to go to the emergency room often. Once, my heart rate spiked suddenly at 162 beats per minute. At that time, I lay still, closed my eyes and did not move for fear that the blood vessel would burst. My vision blurred, I thought maybe I’ll just leave like that. The doctor said that if I didn’t handle the situation in time, they wouldn’t be able to save it either. So, for the past 5 years, I hardly sang, just stayed at home taking care of my family and doing sewing. In my spare time, I practice my voice and listen to music.

Khanh Du is emotional when talking about married life with her husband from the Czech Republic. Video: Hoang Dung

How does the love of your partner help you when you settle down in a foreign country?

– Before living with my current husband, I had a divorce and had a son, he was also divorced and had two children of his own. I decided to go to Vladimir Kubis because he accepted that I could not have more children. That understanding and sympathy makes me more confident in love in marriage.

When I followed my husband to settle in the Czech Republic, he took care of me wholeheartedly and thoughtfully. He worked hard, didn’t let me worry about “rice and money”. My husband registered me to learn a native language, quickly integrating into the surrounding community. Knowing that I don’t sing makes me sad easily, so he often takes me to travel in many European countries, play golf… Vladimir Kubis makes me excited with a new life and no time to miss the stage.

My husband worries a lot about my health because heart disease can recur at any time. Before every time I tour, he walks together every day to talk as a way of encouragement and necessary advice. When not together, the two video call to feel always close. He reminded me to be comfortable, not to be stressed and to have pain.

Khanh Du sings "Lonely"

Khanh Du sings “Lonely” (Nguyen Anh 9). Video: YouTube Rang Dong show

Nearly 20 years togetherandWhat difficulties did your husband go through?

– At the beginning of our marriage, my husband had difficulty because of business failure. At that time, my husband rented a small apartment and took me home. Winters in Central Europe are so cold that we don’t have our own heaters, so we have to share the whole building’s fireplace. The old and dim light bulb, the husband did not buy a new one because he said that people’s houses should save some or that amount. Once a friend came to the house to play and expressed disapproval: “The famous Ms. Du should have married a rich man, but she did not expect to be in such a shabby area”. That statement did not affect me at all because despite financial difficulties, my husband did not let me be deprived. I married you for who you are, not for money. Later, fortunately, he bought a factory, had a favorable job, and earned his wealth back. My husband bought a house in the suburbs with a spacious garden for me to grow trees and raise dogs.

In 2013, I was planning to have a second heart surgery when my partner found out that I had nasopharyngeal cancer. I put everything aside to accompany and take care of him for treatment. When Vladimir Kubis broke down in pain, I lifted his spirits by talking and reading together. Both husband and wife are sick, without optimism, we will hardly get through that period.

Khanh Du was born in 1967, and Western husband - Vladimir Kubis - was born in 1960. Photo: Character bow

Khanh Du was born in 1967, and her husband – Vladimir Kubis – was born in 1960. Photo: Character bow

What do you appreciate about your husband?

– He is strong, kind and has extensive knowledge. I consider him as a “living dictionary”, answering all my questions about all areas of life. For example, when we went on vacation in Southern Europe like Spain, France… he showed me why in these countries oranges are usually sweeter than in other regions, or there are many kinds of bougainvillea …

In addition, he always inspires me to live a positive and optimistic life. I remember the next time I had my second heart surgery, instead of lying in the postoperative room I went to the emergency room again to stimulate the heart due to an arrhythmia. At that time I was very weak and wanted to give up. As if seeing through my thoughts, the husband immediately lifted up his wife’s spirit by talking about the future of their children. He shared about his plan for my step-son to go to driving school, told me to encourage him to finish learning a foreign language and adapt to life in the Czech Republic. He paints a bright future for us. I am a mother but want to “let go” like that, how can I be an example for my children. Through the conversation with my husband on the hospital bed at that time, I tried to fight.

– Looking back on the ups and downs, what do you feel?

– I’m content with what I have. I make efforts and dedicate my youth to music. When I was young, I was active in singing, running 14 teahouse shows at night, earning money to meet my own needs. Now, family life is the best thing I know. I am always proud, loving and grateful to my partner.

I feel that what I have achieved is more than enough for one lifetime. I have no regrets in the past. Heart disease made it possible for me to die at any time, and my husband’s cancer had metastasized to his lungs late last year. Doctors predicted that he would only live a few years. Therefore, my husband and I take advantage of the remaining precious time with our loved ones. My husband also encouraged me to sing again.

Khanh Du is a famous singer in the late 1990s, expensive shows in Ho Chi Minh City tea rooms. With her husky voice and vibrant performance style, the singer was once famous for English songs like Unbreak my heart, My heart will go on… She also successfully performed many songs by composers Phu Quang, Trinh Cong Son…

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